[Payday 2] Free 2 Play

[Payday 2] Free 2 Play

Payday 2 goes Free 2 Play
It’s kinda endearing watching new players play. Some of the other shit though, not so much . . .

➢ Twitch.tv Streaming – http://bit.ly/1ylXoQ7
➢ Steam Group – http://bit.ly/1zsuNWc
➢ Discord – http://bit.ly/2gxaX94
➢ Patreon – http://bit.ly/1taxYVO

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20 Responses

  1. Someone says:

    They're cute 🙂

  2. PostWar says:

    is that really a piano version of the nichijou op? Insta sub

  3. BaranGmr says:

    now thats worst game ever lol

  4. Tobias Ringsby says:

    is it free on ps4

  5. Ikino Anderson says:

    is unfair many noob now

  6. Piromyśl says:

    FYI: noob =/= newbie

  7. INSANITY deadsky says:

    my money in this game T_T

  8. Puff Splix says:

    It ended ;_;

  9. Slippery Pickles says:

    Oh god, 1:00 why!? Its so painfull

  10. MOOMUBA says:

    I want my money back, I spend $40 on the game

  11. gunboss201 says:

    Well tbh, I saw it coming. But I chose to be calm when the new pubs screw up, what a bliss.

  12. James Tapp says:

    I'm new to this game as well but I do pretty good. Guess I play enough fps games to learn on my feet.

  13. Lemme Smash says:

    :'( i don't download it

  14. Jae Play says:

    All i do now is set up games with DLC heists like Golden Grin or The Diamond on Overkill or Mayhem, and I wait til f2ps show up to play. I minimize my game for 10 minutes, then i go in, ask them if they are ready to have lots of fun. They say yes or hell yeah or whatever. This is where I kick them, and wait for a new batch. Rinse and repeat. I'm not lying, i really do this since the f2p shit happened.

  15. Rats says:

    It's not free anymore, it hit the 5 million downloads 3 days ago

  16. R3TR0 says:

    2:45 DEAL WITH IT

  17. Ad Zouie says:

    I hate fucking newbie they fucking gave me probs fucking shit why its free fycking shit

  18. Federick Kailer says:

    the dream: Host own server

  19. Tems smeT says:

    i guess i wont be playing public anymore

  20. Ari1250 says:

    1:17 I wonder how that player was thinking of stealth with a maximum detection.

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