Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators. 2017 NHL Playoffs. Stanley Cup Final. Game 4. (HD)

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators. 2017 NHL Playoffs. Stanley Cup Final. Game 4. (HD)

Second Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCci5iEwOG8fN3WKw5L7wu_A

Pittsburgh Penguins vs Nashville Predators. 2017 NHL Playoffs. Stanley Cup Final. Game 4. (HD)

NHL Stanley Cup Final Game 4 Highlights 2017.

Nashville Predators vs Pittsburgh Penguins Game 4 Highlights.

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20 Responses

  1. NHL Workshop says:

    Lets get this to 600 likes:)

  2. Ultima Omega says:

    Saw this live. I wish I could re live it!

  3. chingu69 says:

    I didn't realize you could just randomly stop play to review whether the puck crossed the line. Wonder if the NHL sounded the horn or was it the Preds. Kind of a dirty move if the home team's able to randomly stop play…

  4. cptmor9an 85 says:

    We have 5 suck it Philly & Detroit lol now the rivalry is really gonna mean something

  5. Nategaming Wwe Rey says:

    Pens are going to win the cup crosby is way better than Subban

  6. cbone72 says:

    2:36 sounded like a preds home game the past 17 years lol

  7. Patriot Games says:

    3 things NEVER heard in Nashville….1)  The catfish is fresh,  2)  Are you going to the dentist?, and 3)  did ya see that cup in the Bridgestone bldg.?

  8. Roy Berg says:

    smashville you still in the building?????

  9. Hanson Fam says:

    Coming from a Red Wing fan I've adopted Nashville this series!

  10. Boat Axe says:

    As a Blackhawk fan I hope Pittsburg wins, no city that does not have naturally occurring snow and ice should have a hockey team!

  11. Usman M. says:

    Yes! Go preds

  12. George D says:

    tonight Nashville will go down….the Crosby show is coming up.. if it wasn't for the Canadian players American wouldn't even see a Stanley Cup.

  13. Brett Borischak says:

    Preds fans beating up a wrecked car?!?… can't imagine where in Tennessee they found a junk car. probably in the front yard of the numerous double wide trailers, along with the toilet flower planters. the nhl needs rednecks like the US population needs syphilis. oh, country music, my dog got ran over, my wife left me, and my pickup truck broke down…GO PENS…real hockey!!!

  14. Musclman78TA1 says:

    Pens will wim game 5.Lose game 6 at Nash.Pens will win game 7 stanley cup..

  15. Roy Berg says:

    penguins will prevail don't you idiots remember when the pens got crushed in game 6 against the caps dominated game 7 and lost game 6 against Ottawa and won game 7 don't worry pens play best with there backs against the wall everyone will show up in game 5

  16. CosmicPegasus says:

    Why didn't Crosby go around the net? In hindsight it looks bad, but if he wrapped around and gotten to that loose puck, it would have been tied at 2-2. It's still a great chance, though.

  17. Kenney lu says:

    I need Nashville predators to win, I live in Nashville and all the teams dedicated to this city sucks. Titans are not good, Grizzlies loses a lot, now I'm depending on the predators. DONT FAIL ME!

  18. mega smacky says:

    It's almost mid-June and these pussies are still playing hockey. They play 30 minutes max, which is broken up by intermissions, play stoppages and the fact they only play for a minute tops each shift. Plus the minute or so they have to spend chirping at each other like a bunch of children every fucking time the play stops. And they can only handle doing this every three days? There isn't room on the entire internet to list the types of athletes who are tougher than these snowflakes.

  19. Casey Thomas says:

    GO PREDS!!

  20. GamerGuardian05 // GG05 says:

    lol he said swve by rinne when murry was defending there then he said goal

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