Rafael Nadal’s Interview with John McEnroe after his victory at RG 2017

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  1. Uncle Tony says:

    McEnroe puts everybody in one of two categories: the "lower" than him (99.9%), and the better than him (0.1%). The former he treats like shit, the latter he sucks like there's no tomorrow.

  2. SilosMOVIE says:

    That was a pretty smooth interview. Its so cringy when the press are cunts.

  3. Rick Deckard says:

    Nadal doesn't know much… just how to win. 🙂

  4. Christoffer Boman says:

    The question jerk !!!! 😉

  5. Felix Lievano says:

    Where is Grigor Dimitrov now? I want that guy to destroy all of these eternal top players…we require more exciment!

  6. Yam Ibanez says:

    I don't care hes answer the most important how he won and how he play

  7. Eduardo Figueroa says:

    Of He's 70 someting titles more than 50 has been on clay!!! He's not the "GOAT".

  8. Chun Wong says:


  9. Tennis19999 says:

    In a few years we know, who the best ever was. At the moment it is Roger.

  10. zelny says:

    He should have asked Nadal how many times did you pick your bottom in the match?

  11. Chandra Ramdass says:

    John adore Rafa and was great for him to interview Rafa ! Rafa is very humble always says he don't know ! He try to win and try to improve. Carlos Moya helped to make Rafa game unpredictable ! He will have his opponents guessing now ! Great coaching from Moya !

  12. javier alvarez says:


  13. Ali Shafai says:

    Amazing player, but he should just have in interpreter.

  14. Patrick Kearns says:

    Vamos Rafa!!

  15. Moishe Moishele says:

    He is pretty humble for what he achieved. Spanish school.

  16. Adam Blister says:

    I completely forgot Pete got surpassed.

  17. John Traczewski says:

    i do like mcenroe, im american,

  18. John Traczewski says:

    he n federer dont like mcenroe, either does wilander

  19. DANA TORRES says:

    Nice guy !!

  20. dchen345 says:

    Hardly the last

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