Runway Icons | Mariacarla Boscono

Runway Icons | Mariacarla Boscono

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19 Responses

  1. Megumi Flies says:

    yes queen

  2. Many Blank Pages says:

    DRAAMMMMMAAAA Teach the children XD

  3. Teddy Little says:

    what is the soundtrack, anyone?

  4. Wahn Yoon says:

    Definitely my favorite of all.

  5. francescol17 says:


  6. Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth says:

    She's my favorite model also omahyra Mota

  7. Shawn Breiland says:


  8. Shawn Breiland says:

    gorgeous boscono, but please not skinnier than this

  9. Lisa Galva says:

    I like Izabel Goulart too

  10. GagaOopsy says:

    Arizona Muse.

  11. Najib Baser says:

    lov her walk.

  12. Jay M says:

    She, Carmen, and Naomi are my Runway Holy Trinity <3

  13. Simone Capone says:

    At 1:07 she is incredibly beautiful.

  14. Witchwild boy says:

    Her and Vlada are my absolute runway faves.

  15. Allan Manzanares says:

    The fiercest of all. Without a doubt

  16. Niko roo says:

    Thank you so much!!! She is absolute queen!!!!

  17. steph f says:

    thank u for this video. mariacarla is an icon

  18. 3verdeen says:

    She and Natasha Poly are runway queens!

  19. arijan sumanti says:

    thank you

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