Salmonella Outbreaks Blamed On Pet Chickens

Salmonella is on the rise because people won’t stop cuddling their chickens. Ana Kasparian, Francis Maxwell and Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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“Backyard poultry may seem like a good idea ― just think of all the fresh eggs ― but if you start to cuddle your chickens, you could make yourself seriously sick.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say this year has already seen eight separate salmonella outbreaks linked to contact with pet poultry in the U.S. Those outbreaks have sickened more than 370 people in 47 states, hospitalizing 71. And we’re only halfway through 2017.

When the CDC interviewed patients in an attempt to understand the recent outbreaks, nearly half admitted to cuddling their backyard poultry. And while your birds might be adorable, they’re basically living in their own feces. It’s a recipe for salmonella.”*

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Francis Maxwell, Brett Erlich

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Francis Maxwell, Brett Erlich


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19 Responses

  1. bigraviolees says:

    Don't make a pet out of a chicken, you idiots

  2. Krishna says:

    I didn't know that chickens are also brought up as pets and not just reared for meat..That's refreshing news!..Small chickens are the most adorable innocent cuties..

  3. Emma Cuacua Rodriguez says:

    ive had chickens all my life and im totally fine so is everyone else in my family.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I used to pet, rub and hug my chickens alot. I am fine.

  5. Sarah Whyte says:

    Us Scots and the Welsh will forever be known as the sheep-shaggers…sadly Francis is right

  6. Reginald Regency says:

    Those are ducks in the thumbnail.

  7. Caleb Mitchell says:

    terrible nonetheless punishment ifobgmz initially jeans besides extraordinary motive turn isolate.

  8. Hillary Raped Me says:

    Leftist Violence Outbreaks Traced to TYT

  9. Mike Pence says:

    Why the hell do people have pet chickens? White people…

  10. Nicole Arbore says:

    Chickens don't want to live in their own feces! If they are, it's because their humans are doing it wrong.

  11. randman21 says:

    Hmmmm, call me crazy, but I'm definitely not buying this. The animal agriculture industry shits out millions and millions of chickens (the great majority of them in disgusting living conditions) and I'm supposed to believe that pet chickens, that are probably treated well, are the cause of these outbreaks?

  12. Andrew Mildenberg says:

    Just get a dog, people. Come on.

  13. D Mc says:

    Some animals are not meant to be pets.

  14. leptonsoup337 says:

    Time to start my homeopathic salmonella treatment business…

  15. NickonAquaMagna says:

    I cuddled some of my chickens when I was little (they were so darned cute, I hate that we eventually ate them)… I guess I'm lucky I didn't get sick, 'specially being a dumb, unknowing kid at the time.

  16. syntaxed2 says:

    The food industry creates 50 scandals per month in almost every country, if it aint mad cows, sickly chickens to horse burgers and everything in between – In the US particularly theres some sort of gag law preventing people from exposing the crap.

    They do everything to increase profits and that means skimping on vets, medicine and sanitary conditions of environment so I am more inclined to blame human greed than anything else.

  17. Cristian Sanchez says:

    why is there ducks on the thumbnail? I thought this was about chickens lol

  18. abmong says:

    Scots are sheep shaggers? Thought that was the Welsh.

  19. jollyandwaylo says:

    More sciency reporting from ana, raising your own chickens is great -while reporting a fact that it is spreading salmonella. Get someone who knows something about science, please.

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