I take y’all behind the scenes with me on a sexy photoshoot with my favorite photographer Irma! From make up, wardrobe and freezing water temperatures I show you all what it takes to model and get content! Hope you all enjoy the vlog! 🙂

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19 Responses

  1. Khalil Ahmad says:

    Very nice

  2. vivek chaturvedi says:

    that jaw line, for me that's most beautiful and appealing features of you, love😍😍

  3. armando9947 says:

    Luv the B & W photos….

  4. Rani Ansari says:

    You are beautiful video

  5. Afzaal Ahmad says:

    You are so beautiful

  6. evioloncello says:

    I love that you keep your hair dark. Many people with naturally dark hair either try to go a beautiful blonde or balayage their hair. I love my dark tresses and think it's awesome you keep yours that beautiful rich dark color. It's encouraging.

  7. I R says:

    Can someone tell the name of the song during her photoshoot at the beach ..please & ty in advance 😊

  8. I R says:

    Can someone tell the name of the song..please & ty in advance 😊

  9. yakshit batra says:

    I want to touch your sexyyyyy boobs

  10. Laci Vukovitch says:

    women look like men come now

  11. Laci Vukovitch says:

    this is a joke

  12. Pati Unus says:


  13. emma says:

    Do you wear nipple pasties for shoots like this?

  14. Ethan Moncrief says:

    thats one lucky rock

  15. Mario Vernandes says:

    where is that place?

  16. Michael Clements says:

    Jessica is cool.

  17. Chelsea Bells says:

    Love this type of video!! It's really cool to see the behind the scenes stuff!

  18. vanessa felix says:

    You seriously inspire me everyday to be a better me. I love how you "Jessica Arevalo" are a successful woman and an inspiration to many and still seem to keep yourself humble and real. God bless you beautiful!

  19. Leon Fields says:

    Glutes looking nice

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