Shame on Half Price Books

By all appearances, to the best of my ability to ascertain, the business model for the bookstore chain known as “Half Price Books” goes something like this:

1. Create a pretentious “NPR”/”Starbucks” atmosphere, to draw in pretentious customers, hipsters, and other people who have been highly educated – in the most dumbed-down education system the world has ever known.

2. Purchase books, DVD’s and CD’s from customers for pennies on the dollar – even when that media was recently purchased from HPB at full (aka “half”) price. Do not fear making such shamefully low offers, because pretentious customers, by definition, will be inclined to accept whatever you offer them rather than allowing the public appearance that they can’t afford to accept this kind of financial rape. Public image means everything to pretentious people, and they usually have credit cards to cover for their losses in private.

3. Sell the media you just purchased for pennies on the dollar back to customers at full (aka “half”) price.

4. Use the word “half”, when in fact you mean “half off the cover price” or “half off the list price”, because cover and list prices are arbitrary numbers created by manufacturers, and have little to do with street prices. Therefore, your “half” price products will often cost far more than regular street prices elsewhere.

Shame on Half Price Books for offering me .25 for a set of media that I had purchased from HPB for around 0, and which they would likely resell for – 5. This is pure exploitation – in this case, of a homeless man who was seeking to extend his life for just a few more days, by selling the items in question. I actually lost money (in gas) taking my items to HPB.

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5 Responses

  1. Kristopher Kiker says:

    One word comes to mind watching this guy. Loser

  2. Angela C says:

    So let me get this straight. You spend the majority of the video acting like its HPB's fault that you're homeless and smell like shit and you had to wait fifteen minutes for them to go through your shit that you didn't need to make an appointment for? Do you honestly think they're gonna get even close to $100 for that stuff? Nobody gives a shit about family guy dude. They see countless copies of all of that. Can't fit that much shit in a little store. That kind of stuff ends up at the clearance event for a dollar. And btw maybe sell your camera for some food

  3. daikatana65 says:

    This guy is a phony not even living in the car. Why do all these fucking fake fucks fake this shit? To get a feel sorry money?

  4. Gretchen Christianson says:

    You're fucking sad bro

  5. Jamie Larson says:

    how do you afford a storage unit?

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