Tanzania albino attacks: ‘My neighbour hacked off my hands’ – BBC News

Tanzania albino attacks: 'My neighbour hacked off my hands' - BBC News

Mariam Staford Bandaba was attacked in Tanzania by a gang of men who chopped off her arms, believing that albino body parts had magic properties.
Yet she is now able to work as a weaver.

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20 Responses

  1. ali abdi says:

    I'm human being first and this is sad to see regards less of race, religion or gender. Just sad to see. Thinking better to have an illegal weapon and go to jail for defending myself, family and property rather than become a victim. These animals likely got away with it. God bless.

  2. N P says:

    The human animal is despicable

  3. orangeedo says:

    You mean to say some cultures are horrible and shouldn't be invited into Britain? Is this really the BBC?

  4. Micheal Jackson says:

    She looks like George bush

  5. Carmen Santana says:


  6. John Wilson says:

    Wtf is wrong with you people. Something horrific happened to this woman and your go to reaction is to blame an entire race or ethnics? Jeez…

  7. I'll slap ya mum with an Argos catalogue says:

    wait so she had both her arms chopped off and the doctors refused to treat her. how is she alive exactly. you run out of blood very quickly with both both arms chopped off.

  8. Catherine Feeney says:

    God Bless her.

  9. Bobby Samra says:

    My god and I thought I had problems 🙁

  10. Bobby Samra says:

    What's wrong with this world?.

  11. BayanTheOne says:

    no word about the fate of the mutilators, were they even prosecuted and jailed?

  12. BayanTheOne says:

    now you cannot blame this barbarity on colonization, can you?

  13. muncedev11 says:

    What a sweet, courageous soul she is. What a crazy messed up part of the world that is. So much ignorance leads to so much hurt and pain….

  14. mark harris says:

    Where all messed up.

  15. Moji O says:

    What a brave and beautiful lady. Her experience is so tragic….I'm so humbled by her strength.

  16. Barcode18 TV says:


  17. max fraser says:

    Knowing BBC it's probably fake

  18. Hagag Hamed says:

    fuck witchdoctors time for a witch hunt

  19. MyRightious says:

    Why are you not outraged at the disgusting and horrendous things the Muslims have done to your little British girls and why does BBC not report on that ??

  20. Steve Roberts says:

    What kind of animal could even conceive of doing something like that to their neighbour. Unreal. Wow so much for importing this.
    Of course even though these crazy places exist in foreign lands, none of the ones that make it over the med are going to have behaviour like that. Because as they step onto European shores they become French/German/English ladies and gents. I know this because we are reminded, people are the same all over the globe. All cultures too are equally if not more valid than ours. Yes being British is simply a matter of location, people are simply interchangeable. This must be the case because the BBC often rhetorically asks, with cynicism, "what is britishness anyway". Man, no wonder people are so against all this uncontrolled immigration and loosing faith in institutions like the BBC. You can report these facts, and there are many more horrors abroad, but fail to connect the dots when it comes to promoting the potential importation of millions of undesirables. You are establishment mouth pieces. Controlled by public threats to withdraw your funding model. That is how it looks.

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