The Glass House (1972)

Full Film, Full Movie. Prison film that was made for USA TV, with outstanding performances from Vic Morrow, Alan Alda, Kristoffer Tabori and Clu Gulager. Three individuals – a new guard, a professor convicted of manslaughter and a young man convicted of dealing weed, arrive for the first time at a violent maximum security prison. At the prison they encounter the ruthlessness of the other hardened inmates and the corrupted guards.
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20 Responses

  1. Craig Zimmerman says:

    Very well done film.

  2. zacharycat says:

    Must be humiliating for a college professor to take orders from a guard who says "irregardless".

  3. Manuel Shift says:

    Good movie, thanks.

  4. BGreenClassics says:


    Hahaha. So funny.

  5. UN Owen says:

    Liberal crap.

  6. Arse Robinson says:

    Great film.

  7. h jacobs says:

    I buying on dvd

  8. Woo Smith says:

    Name all the movies with rape scene?

  9. Juan Espinoza says:

    which prison is this?

  10. laura nolph says:

    Many thanks for posting!

  11. Autumn Mist says:

    Thanks for the upload.  I thought I had read or seen everything by Truman Capote, but slipped past me.  It's gritty and it did have me on edge.  Good film.

  12. sam levitt says:

    5the great Vic Marrow…..very underrated movie

  13. Bill Scott says:

    Alan Alda (Hawkeye Pierce) @ 7:57

  14. Matrixfatorial Randômico says:

    Vi no Corujão I em 1993.

  15. doctorwho0077 says:

    In reality, Johnathan Paige was innocent, at most, it should have been ruled an accidental death, even Involuntary Manslaughter would have been too harsh a punishment, after all, the guy had just killed his baby.

  16. Richard Alan Naggar says:

    This is a true and accurate depiction of prison life as are the movies Blood In Blood Out and an Innocent Man. If you want to scare someone straight, this is the line up. In this movie, you don't see it coming until you do which is part of the realism. If one speaks up, game on. If one doesn't speak up,  game on. When to speak & how can cost you your life in prison or gain you respect. High stakes playing & living with no second chances. Prison is a horrible experience. Thanks to the Arse Robinson op

  17. May June says:

    What's this movie about

  18. Buzzard King51 says:

    John Cortland (Clu Gulager) was just a tad too fast on the trigger. Great double feature with this movie is "To Kill a Clown" starring Alan Alda, made the same year as this one. Very hard to find but worth watching if you can.

  19. Granny 13AD says:

    Good film.  True to Capote.  Thank you AR.

  20. Stephen Adams says:

    I recall watching this in high school. Pretty good TV movie. Damned depressing but good!

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