Top 10 Manga Box Sets

Hello guys, and welcome to my top 10 manga box sets video!! Just wanted to do a new and fun video to keep the content rolling for you guys on my channel. Will most likely be doing more of these videos in the future!! Anyways hope you all enjoyed 🙂

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17 Responses

  1. Gaming Lad says:

    They cost so much for death note and one piece sets

  2. luis fernandez says:

    Naruto box set 2 is the best of the 3, in story and epic wise imo

  3. walking00dead says:

    I cant wait in years to come for the dragonball super boxset as ii have DB & Z manga sets

  4. Final Fantasy says:

    Are there gonna be new manga box sets in 2017? I love buying box sets even though I know it'll take me years to finish them all.

  5. Alexis Ramirez says:

    Have you ever read berserk before? If you havent you should check it out its really really good. nice vid by the way

  6. AuthenticAlex says:

    Great list, I wish I could find the DBZ box set for a decent price. Anywhere I look they want hundreds for it :/

  7. Anime Alley says:

    Loved your Video Legit 🙂

  8. Ted Ocampo says:

    Do you have a video when you were unboxing the Naruto Box Set 3?

  9. KidNamedJAC says:

    Great analysis of the boxsets man very dope idea for a list. I agree with you about the Naruto art style, definitely prefer Kishimoto's original art style. That Dragon Ball boxset is impossible to get lmao

  10. kdanh712 says:

    dope stuff bro!

  11. Lotus | Nerdcore Nerd Corner says:

    Awesome list my man. Surprised the Bakuman didn't make it as number one. Such a sick box set. Beautiful art and colors. The Dragon Ball set is pretty fucking awesome though.

  12. TYPE ANIME/MANGA says:

    great list bro

  13. Apollo Graye says:

    Yo, thanks for the shoutout! Really appreciate it. And good video, might have to make my own version of this video now.

  14. Thatboidario says:

    cool video thumbs up

  15. EJ says:

    cool stuff man! planning to get OP box set 2 and 3 this coming december hahaha

  16. WooliestSnake says:

    Great video! Not trying to be rude but you miss spelled claymore one number 8

  17. TheEpicGuyz says:

    Awesome list man!!

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