Top 25 Strongest Psyren Characters

Top 25 Strongest Psyren Characters
Music: (Aono Rap Mixes) World Trigger – GIRIGIRI (Remix) by Aonoexorcist100
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20 Responses

  1. Meliodas -Dragon Sin of Wrath says:

    I need anime

  2. Sloom Sama says:

    One of the best mangas out there ,and I remember crying when Veigo died 🙁 , Van is my favorite tho xD so cute

  3. Ryùgo Asákura says:

    that's great. Why we didn't have an anime of Psyren?

  4. Seeiry Namy says:

    hey..i want wacthing psyren full animation, where i can find it??

  5. Dragon Flame says:

    shouldn't kagetora be 1 or 2 coz he's invincible I've only got up to the 6th book so idk if they find a way to kill him

  6. The Kawaii Zombie says:

    Another Shounen Jump manga that's been cancelled before it's end. It looks really good so i think i'll read it. Also, i've been searching for a Shounen Jump Rankings channel and i've found one that's really new but looks really promising so if anyone wants to take a look : The guy has ''Kawaii'' in his name, can't go wrong with that.

  7. DioV Deathstroke says:

    How strong is this verse in comparison to One Piece, God of Highschool, Toriko?

  8. Hrik Sen says:

    Where is QUAT NEVAS??!!

  9. fuad ibrahim says:

    would this mange have anime

  10. theblackanimereaper says:

    u the best i love the song u put it makes it feel cool and awesome also u one of my top 10 anime youtuber

  11. djmeagaaim17 says:

    What is this series about, and is it still ongoing?

  12. SHAQNIFICENT says:

    saitama shld be #2

  13. JoeJoe Yabuki says:

    Nice list bruh.
    This was uploaded sooner than I thought :p

  14. ZachLee says:

    Is this like Beelzebub, if so, should I give it a read?

  15. Jojo Gaming says:

    are you gonna do top strongest fairy tail characters ?

  16. CYCLONE says:

    Where is Quat Nevas

  17. aandrew6464 says:

    i was looking up mangas similar to beelzebub and this series came up. so my question is how good is the series cause i might wanna read it.

  18. sᴀɪɴᴛ sᴇɪʏᴀ ғᴀɴ says:


  19. Thomas Simpsons says:

    I think i should start reading this

  20. XMONKEYX says:

    great list

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