Trump And Pope Francis Exchange Gifts

Trump was given some literature about peace which he lied about planning to read. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“President Donald Trump met with Pope Francis for the first time on Wednesday, and, as customary for visits between dignitaries, the two men exchanged gifts.

In a not-so-subtle nod to Trump’s shaky track record on environmental issues, Francis gave the U.S. president a copy of his 2015 encyclical on the environment, “Laudato Si.”

As his offering, Trump saw fit to present the pontiff with a first-edition set of writings by Martin Luther King Jr.

In some ways, the gesture was fitting. Francis spoke about King’s civil rights legacy during his address to Congress in 2015, and he frequently preaches on topics like nonviolence and the perils of capitalism, which were also close to King’s heart.

But Trump’s gift was filled with irony. The White House claimed the gift “honors Dr. King’s hope, vision, and inspiration for generations to come.” Whether Trump, himself, honors King’s message is a question many have pondered.

For one, Trump has had a troubling way of talking about black people over the years.

“I have a great relationship with the blacks,” he said in April 2011. “I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks.””*

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19 Responses

  1. Top Dawg says:

    We've hit rock bottom,
    Only way to go is up.
    I miss the president of 2020

  2. Paulo Mendes says:

    i am shure when the pope gave him the Gifts his mind was "I hope they have many pictures…"

  3. aubrey archambault says:

    Melania is dressed likes she's in mourning

  4. Maximilian van Vliet says:

    Trump isn't gonna read them, he will wait for the movie to come out

  5. Mabra Fule says:

    Not only are they longer than a page, they don't have any pictures in it.

  6. wisdomfind says:

    This guy is stupid. You ain't going' no where!!!

  7. Andrew_Owens says:

    Simple, he'll use the threat of peace to carve out better deals with his arms dealer friends. That is more weapons for less money to more radical Islamists. BTW, does anyone wonder who ISIS gets their weapons from? Do they have a weapons factory or genius scientists like the Germans did in WWII? Second question, where do they get their money from? Who buys their oil? Well we know well one of them, Trump's hero Erdogan.

  8. Bruno Straub says:

    Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes – Aeneid ca. 20 B.C

  9. beethovensbeloved says:

    Very difficult to reason with a nearly illiterate POTUS who has no concept of morality or integrity.

  10. Cauasia Rush says:

    Pope: Hands message of peace and gives letter on climate change to a neo-fascist and climate denier.


  11. Indexanimisermo says:

    You laugh now…but you'll be cryin in yer soup before long…The more you try to portray Trump as some hair brain buffoon, the more he just keeps getting better and better like a great vintage wine…the only ones displaying their own ignorance are people like you and most of the commenters below…if you haven't already figured it out Trump does indeed keep his promises to the private American citizens…he is undoing socialist globalist programs and agendas throughout USA

  12. big dog1 says:

    war will never end until the Lord comes back

  13. JAVV JAVVS says:

    A true Christian will call himself a sinner not a Holy Father, Peace can only come from Jesus.

  14. Ilan Rahmanian says:

    trump is a genius if you don't know it you lack logic Big League

  15. Ilan Rahmanian says:

    you will suffer for the next 20 years! lol

  16. Braço Libertário says:

    It is hard talk about Trump, lol

  17. Isabel Tome says:


  18. freshair3451 says:

    Drop dead, Trump.

  19. nasi says:

    america keep the world entertained. thank you.

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