2017 Le Mans 24 Hour – LIVE Ford GT Onboards and Garage Cam

PC/ Mac users: look for the camera select button on bottom right.

Garage Cam = Live Timing

Please note: This is not the official race coverage, join us for the full 24 Hours of Le Mans via the LIVE Ford GT Onboard cameras, the Ford GT Garage and full official audio commentary of the world’s greatest endurance race….

Thanks to Motorsport.com and Jalopnik.com for helping bring this stream to racing fans everywhere!

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20 Responses

  1. games tv says:

    vi potete iscrivere al mio canale grazie

  2. Chris D says:

    What changed about the regulations this year where aston martins were so much faster than the year before?

  3. Max Steel says:

    People are talking about history was made in LMP1 and 2. I don't call that history. LMP1 has only two manufacturers. Out of six cars only two LMP1's finished. LMP2 are now finishing in the overall. They are finishing in the overall because the LMP1 is falling apart. I realize years ago cars broke down and we are dealing with new tech. I don't like electric racing cars. But it was cheaper to race back then. And more companies entered. What manufacturers can afford LMP1.

  4. Max Steel says:

    The ACO SHOULD LET CHEVY AND Aston have more power to be competitive. Not punish Ford. Aston Martin did not win that race. Effectively they were given Bop welfare. Ford built a car to the rule book specs now they are being punished for it. If that's the case why not punish Porsche for winning the overall 19 times. Other manufacturers deserve to win to. That's why you can't play god over who wins. Let the best car win

  5. Umbrella Corp says:

    i believe ford was destroyed by bof "fair" regulations

  6. Alexander Ulyanov says:

    Why only final 4 hours available?

  7. Jordan Martin says:

    The Ford Gt got screwed this year.

  8. Wolf Perry says:

    American Engineering baby

  9. Kuckoo says:

    Watched nearly the entire event with your feed but had to go to sleep with just three hours to go. You guys pushed hard from behind the whole time, handicapped by that "wonderful" BoP issue. Congrats on your second place finish!

  10. josh phillips says:

    What an amazing final lap for the GTE class! Great Job Ford!!!!!!!!

  11. MT Bil og Motorsport says:

    Fantastic!! 2. place!!

  12. jenson thomas says:

    Pals Bbq promote really like the result very#much photograph

  13. Hussain Qambar says:

    go Ford goooo

  14. Rev says:

    You did well!

  15. PewDiePie says:

    Great video !

  16. FordBlueOval13 says:

    What an epic race!!!
    Honestly, I didnt think we would finish in 2nd place. I mean, I would've been happy with 3rd, but that is an unbelieveable result!!!
    Credits to Chip Ganassi and their awesome Ford GT's!!! you guys did a fabulous job

  17. Jp Blanc says:

    Ooh .. thanks.

  18. nicholascremato says:

    They have put so many limitations on the ford the US should pull out of foreign racing and build more tracks in the US. We can see a race and then a concert and keep our money home!

  19. Paul Martinez says:

    WOW an amazing race glad Ford was able to grab second place!!

  20. Adicial Vargas says:

    Yes I love Le Mans

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