Casey Kasem as Shaggy – MDA Telethon Plea

During a moment of a 1980s Jerry Lewis Telethon, Casey asked to speak as his famous cartoon alter-ego to help kids donate to MDA.

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20 Responses

  1. lozoft9 says:

    Damn Shaggy got eloquent very fast.

  2. Gruks Nars says:

    He just swooced right into Heaven.

  3. Case Smien says:

    legend. RIP Casey Kasem!

  4. osman kalif says:

    MDA? Lmoa

  5. HardMode says:

    America's Top 10, Shaggy and other Hanna-Barbera toons and The Transformers.

  6. groovinmoms says:

    forever groovy Happy Birthday Casey

  7. CrazyComicGuy 64 says:

    He was Shaggy. Him and Matthew Lillard are Shaggy

  8. Jon Rowe says:

    Ponderous. Ponderous man.

  9. 5Mariner says:

    RIP Casey Kasem
    You will always be our favorite Shaggy!

  10. Chad Chadman says:

    Scoobs old pal

  11. Shaksbbs Dhajns says:


  12. Kevin Johnson says:

    RIP Shaggy.

  13. XYcat says:

    Casey Kasem best voice actor of Shaggy

  14. bob blow says:

    shaggy is a buzz kill..

  15. MyNameIsWhat says:

    R.I.P Casey Kasem

  16. Twig Man says:

    I've been listening to Casey Kasem on the radio now every weekend for the past year or so. I had no idea he was so big and well known, I didn't know he was an actor and I also didn't know that he was dead. I thought that every time I listened to him on the radio that it was live, I had no idea it was pre-recorded. I wish I wouldn't have looked him up now so that I could go back to thinking he was alive and currently doing his radio show every weekend

  17. NickAlvizo TheGoAnimator says:

    Rest In Peace, Casey Kasem.

  18. Emma Eldridge says:

    Awwww my childhood 😭 this video touched my heart

  19. Jimmy E. says:

    I would have never in a million years guessed that he did Shaggy's voice.

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