Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 25 – Goku Uses Hakai On Merged Zamasu! Merged Zamasu Defuses?!

Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 25 reveals a SHOCKING revelation as Goku undergoes Merged Zamasu’s wrath, as Mastered Super Saiyan Blue Goku uses Beeru’s technique, the Hakai, to try and destroy Zamasu BUT FAILS! Merged Zamasu defuses but later reverts back into his fused form, as Vegeta attempts to blow away Zamasu, only for it to fail! Future suffers a terrifying injury, as Supreme Kai ergs everyone to flee back into the past before its too late! What did you guys think about this manga chapter? Be sure to subscribe for more daily content!

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20 Responses

  1. UnrealEntGaming says:

    True Golden Frieza Explained – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Mm-xlWhuUk

  2. HYE powered says:

    Holy fuck they came up with some good shit

  3. MrZahsome says:

    If this happened in the anime, all vegeta fanboys would bitch about the same old shit again because nothing ever pleases them.

  4. Slyfer says:

    Just like the anime, trunks made it worse

  5. Slyfer says:

    He should've said Trunks I'm sorry, and killed mai along with him man

  6. Axel says:

    Goku that uses Hakai it's too much… The manga destroys the anime…

  7. Botchicken popeye says:

    the Z anime was a lot more graphic than the Super anime. I like how the manga is going back to its roots in terms of fight sequences

  8. Taco Smith says:

    Five ads all thirty seconds no skip what the fuck

  9. Bouncing Bean says:

    You think they will redo the anime maybe for the English version? This is way better than the anime

  10. Tu Lo says:

    this is dumb, how are they still fused. fucking stupid and then he's multiplying. dumb

  11. BoyGenius101 says:

    A 30 second ad in order to watch this video, smh

  12. Thunderblade 613 says:

    Oh my god this manga is so awesome the anime got the short end of the stick Jesus

  13. Neon Vongola Primo Tsunayoshi Sawada says:

    When the Z Fighter's actually start becoming smarter and not like in DBZ where they wait till the end Cough TFS Cough

  14. Leon The Memeurr says:


  15. BetterThanEmril says:

    so this is obvious that Zeno is going to need to step in at some point.

  16. Everything for pros says:

    So Goku has about 10-20 merged Zamasu's trying to destroy him and all of existence to nothing. all I see is Trump vs Goku

  17. BadiZone says:

    Shit the anime is so lame
    Manga better

  18. Epoqua says:

    I bet he's going to get weak the more Zamasus he makes. Like when Goku fought Tien.

  19. Umgproofs Wagers says:

    zeno coming next chapter

  20. LimitBreaker!! says:

    dude youre looking at the fucking scans and cant even read that shit correctly. You messed up nearly every panel by either reading it in the wrong phrasing, doing it in the wrong order, or just generally fucking it up.

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