Haircut Tutorial – Medium Length Layers

Medium Length Layered Haircut


This medium layered length haircut is the perfect for any aged woman! It has great shape, isn’t too short or too long, and will grow out well. The haircutting demo is explained step by step so you can learn to do it yourself!
Thanks again for watching!

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20 Responses

  1. susan clum says:

    Is this haircut and your tutorial on face framing layers the same cut?

  2. Clara Palomar says:

    Me encantan los cortes tan fáciles y lo bien realizados

  3. Janie Holmes says:

    I would love to get my hair cut by you! Great tutorial! ✂

  4. June Jara -.- says:

    🙁 i wish you can cut my hair

  5. Helen Newman says:

    can i ask if you can do this with a side parting? thank you!

  6. Katie Irish says:

    I used this video to cut my hair last night and it came out perfect! I couldn't believe it! I had to contort my hands a little, but it worked great! Thank you for sharing this. It's close to the best cut I've ever had!!

  7. Andrea Martinez says:

    That looks amazing!!

  8. Mike's unboxing, reviews and how to says:

    You make it look easy! Kath

  9. Ben Hoar says:

    I am an expat living in Thailand. My wife couldn't find a stylist here to giver her a satisfactory haircut. She asked me to watch this video and asked me if I could do it. I watched the video through a few times, took notes, and did it. It turned out pretty much like your example. Thank you. You are an excellent teacher.

  10. Debbie Whittington says:

    This HairStyle is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  11. Bashir Younas says:


  12. Rishi Kapoor says:

    what r u cutting there are no hair

  13. Rishi Kapoor says:

    what r doing men

  14. Bb Arif says:


  15. Stephanie Andion says:

    my go to haircut always

  16. fake ikbal says:

    hi steve
    if men get this haircut, still cool?
    thx bro

  17. Rachel Shutter says:

    I had my mom do this style on my hair and it turned out great! Thanks!

  18. kulenthini suresh says:

    hair cut want


    very much appreciated the techniques

  20. roraio says:

    She seems happy with the result! Haha

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