HOLLY HOLM vs BETHE CORREIA Knockout KO (head kick) JUN. 17, 2017

In the main event of UFC Singapore, former women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm sought to end her three-fight losing skid against one-time title challenger Bethe Correia. It was hardly an entertaining fight, but Holm’s head kick finish sure was emphatic and got the fans out of their seats. UFC FIGHT NIGHT SAT. JUN. 17, 2017 HOLM VS CORREIA 8AM/5AM ETPT , Singapore KO Holly Holm def. Bethe Correia via KO (head kick) at 1:09 of Round 3 ХОЛЛИ ХОЛМ НОКАУТ ХАЙ КИК Round 3: Holm lands a nice body kick again to start the round. Correia drops her hands and seems to be taunting Holm. They circle, and Holm throws a big left head kick that immediately knocks Correia out. Correia lands sitting up, but clearly out of it, and Holm finishes her with a quick punch before the referee steps in to stop it. Correia had put her arm up, knowing that she was beaten, but Holm didn’t stop until the referee forced her to. beautiful head kick.UFC Singapore results: Holly Holm knocks outs Bethe Correia with head kick
Holly Holm ended her losing skid with a vicious head kick KO of Bethe Correia in the UFC Singapore main events мгновенная карма Instant karma
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19 Responses

  1. Sherbet_Bomb says:

    Holly High kick Holm. She has make the roundhouse into a fine art

  2. cfx5000 says:

    Why is that brazilian bitch still collecting a check from the UFC?.. She sucks.

  3. Dan Kuykendall says:


  4. Leo Quinonez says:

    holly would be far better in tennis with her heavy grunting "achas". Pretty much let's jersey opponents know when she's gonna strike, guess be the didn't pick up on it.

  5. DARK MOON says:

    holly always humbling cocky opponents..

  6. DARK MOON says:

    holly always humbling cocky opponents..

  7. valzerna says:

    lol press 5

  8. Christopher Jones says:

    easiest money ive ever made in my life

  9. adriano ribeiro bressan says:


  10. IanMaCee says:

    Correia has terrible movement and precision I cant believe she got into the UFC to begin with…

  11. Wolfgang Rittner says:

    the only 2fighters i can say i really dont like. Holm makes me wanna beat up my girlfriend because she is so fucking annoying. Cant stand that twat such an dummy

  12. Carlos Gallon says:

    I'm fine with this kind of taunting as it was strategic. Correia wanted to bait Holms into a brawl as that's where Bethe is strongest

  13. Gary Crowder says:

    As the creek said to the beaver, "I'll be dammed!"

  14. Jay Bruno says:

    Love Holly Holm😘😍💯

  15. Meanie Head says:

    When taking shit goes horribly wrong.

  16. Grey Fox says:

    I think this is a brazilian thing… since Silva you should know how stupid taunting is

  17. Rick says:

    taunting your opponent might not be a great idea when it's Holly Holm

  18. Photo Monked says:

    Holly Holm as Supergirl! http://instagram.com/p/BTmE2SVhteD/

  19. David says:


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