Liberal Democrats Party political broadcast

Liberal Democrats Party political broadcast

Brexit. Trump. Rise of the far right. The refugee crisis. Racism on our streets.

How many times have you woken up with that sinking feeling?

Don’t shrug your shoulders. Don’t look the other way. Do something about it. Join the real opposition:
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20 Responses

  1. henry falkingham says:

    Video starts at 2:38

  2. Orlando Burgess says:

    For some implicit reason these days I always identify Liberal Democrats with the Jehovah Witnesses…
    Voted for them back in the days when I was a student when they pledged to cut student fees. Ended up having to fork out £5000 more… Not a very trust worthy party.

  3. Stephen says:

    Yep but it's your party that chose to side with the conservatives after the hung parliament event. will never vote lib dems again

  4. llamu dos says:

    Wow thats one bad PB i doubt lib dems will even get third place!

  5. iVenge says:

    So… interracial marriage is mandatory under a LibDem government?

  6. Dr. Lanark. says:

    This is a really cringe inducing film.

  7. Andrew Laming says:

    A wasted vote- will never win a majority or ever get the number of seats they got in 1997! Easy to make all sorts of promises when they know they will never get into power. The people voted for Brexit and all parties need to respect that decision and not delay or make false promises and block every attempt to get the best deal for Britain. This party needs to give up on main party politics.

  8. Swaggis Broatheon says:

    The Lib Dems are a bunch of toffs screeching about Brexit. Vote labour, not these cunts.

  9. Kristoff Bjorgman says:

    Yeah, nice description of more identity politics. Deal with it! Your party is history.

  10. Sebastian Monk says:

    Is this just 5 minutes of liberals being triggered by listening to the news?

  11. Ivan DaThug says:

    r u fucking kidding me. Your advertising on Youtube? I want to watch a vid and i'm subjected to your political bullshit?

  12. Bacon Crusader says:


  13. SeriouslyNotNormal says:

    God you brexit idiots are stupid. This advert isnt for you. Its for the millions- yes millions- who voted remain and have liberal ideals. They know that they could never get UKIP and right wing voters to be more open minded and liberal, they are targeting labour and tory remainers who felt let down by their parties- major cities, and like the whole of Scotland who voted to remain

  14. cathavingavietnamflashback says:

    this is why we voted for labour

  15. Peter Pan says:

    where's the spliffs, can't start the day on coffee and toast

  16. Jamie Brennan says:

    What I don't understand is that everyone takes digs at the lib dems stating we should except the result yet did nigel farage ever except being part of the EU? No he didn't so he made a party to change that. The Lib dems are no different so just shut all your hypocritical faces.

  17. Jamie Brennan says:

    Torie and Labour governments don't work. Fact! look what shit we are in now. I believe it is time for a change, a much much needed change. A change that will take us in a positive way and that is with the liberal Democrat's. They are not the party who starvs and underfunds sectors such as education, transport health care and more. They are not the party who would run this country like a dictatorship and would allow us the chance to have our say. I know it's time for a change, and that's with the lib dems.

  18. merlin72572 says:

    thousands of child refugees? (where! all I saw was men)I will wake with a sinking feeling if this pratt tin farron wins (no chance)he's got no faith in the uk no understanding of what the British people want and won't be happy with any vote that don't go his way,he is weak and feeble stands no chance of getting into power and (creepy)

  19. grecohungary daz says:

    flush it down pan there shit party

  20. Thatcherite Liberal says:

    The problem is, nobody believes anything the Lib Dems say for good reason

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