Lionel Messi ● Record Breaking & History Creating Goals ||HD||

Lionel Messi Record Breaking & Record Setting Goals | Messi Goals that Created History through Setting New Records & Smashed Previous Standing Records ||

Messi just scored his 500th goal in professional career against Valencia CF. Time to look back his best record creating goals.

Leo Messi scored his 500th career goal at just 28 years of age. Leo Messi scored his first ever goal back in 2004 vs Albacete. Then he scored his 100th goal vs Racing Santander, 200th career goal vs Real Madrid, 300th career goal vs Rayo Vallecano, 400th career goal vs Granada and now 500th career goal vs Valencia.
But these are not the biggest record breaking goals of Leo Messi. Messi scored far far better historical goals in his career. This compilation features 24 such goals of Lionel Messi which rewrote the football history or created new history. Enjoy!

Messi’s record breakers/setters:
Lionel Messi is the only player to score 50 goals in one league season, 73 total goals in one season, 12 goals for country in one calendar year and 91 goals in one calendar year setting new Guinness world record. Messi also scored Barcelona’s 5000th La Liga goal, 9000th goal and 10000th goals in all competitions. Messi is the only player to score 10 goals in one single FIFA World Cup Qualifier. Messi scored against all 9 other South American (CONMEBOL) countries and first player ever to score in all 6 club competitions (he did it TWICE). Messi scored against all 19 La Liga teams in 19 consecutive games and went on to score in 21 consecutive games. Later the streak was broken by injury!

Messi Best Records:
– Most goals ever in a calendar year (91).
– Most goals ever in a season (73).
– Most goals ever in a league season (50).
– Goals in most consecutive matches (21).
– Goals against all league teams in consecutive matches.
– Most goals for national team in a calendar year (12).
– Most goals ever in el clasico.

There are many many other historical goals and moments in this video. Can’t write them all. Just watch the compilation!

Messi Historic Goals & Moments

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A compilation that NO ONE made so far. Witness the making of the greatest individual records ever in football history just by one man! Enjoy!
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  1. Kelly Henry says:

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    2:49 ok I've heard Ray say some pretty crazy things but WTF RAY?!?!?!

  5. kyle playsminecraft says:

    his 500dr goal was against real Madrid when he got the 3-2 Victory

  6. jonathan stromberg says:

    Goal that makes him the leadering ever scorer for Argentina?

  7. Talal Add and says:

    Unstoppable player the world has ever seen

  8. Kosta Constrant says:

    The next up and coming Great Greek European Central Defender, Bigger, Faster, Stronger born 1999 only 18 in 2017 with
    1.90 m & 88 kg Prototype Body Construction. Strong on Ball and can run 100 m 10.7 to 10.9 seconds range.

    Antonis Konstantinidis

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    I picking NO.10 every time I play for a club in soccer

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    Messi 500th goal against Madrid

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    Wasn't his 500th against Real Madrid??? Or was that his 500th Barca goal

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  18. soccer god says:

    you got it wrong he scored his 500 career on real Madrid 2017

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    Messi The magic king ♔
    300 goal was vs real m.
    King ♔ of El classico Messi

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    quien hiba a pensar que rolando terminaria como chief y no como estudiante de ingenieria en la universidad de san carlos de guatemala.

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