Lionel Messi ● The Top 10 Match Winning Goals & Free Kicks ||HD||

Lionel Messi Best Match Winning Goals / Messi Top 10 Match Deciding Game Changing Goals and Free Kicks ||

Lionel Messi is the ONLY Player who performs same against both small and big teams. Statistics prove that all other great player’s performance gets better with teams they are facing being smaller. And there are some players who destroy the small teams but just vanishes against big teams !
But Lionel Messi is the world’s only footballer who has almost SAME performance against every kind of teams. He is known as a big game player. NO other player performs in big games as consistently as Messi. The bigger the match is the better he performs.
And when the team is at stake Messi is the one lead you to win the match. NO OTHER player in thus generation has scored match winning goals as much as Leo Messi. Leo Messi is also the player with most number of goals in FINALS.

Leo Messi doesn’t just score the winners, he does it in style. And its not a surprise that his best match winners came against the absolute best teams.
Here is a compilation of Leo Messi’s Top 10 Match Winning Goals so far. These goals are:
– Messi Goal vs Estudinates 2009 FIFA Club World Cup ,
– Messi Volley Goal vs Real Madrid 2011 Super Cup ,
– Messi Goal vs Atletico Madrid 2015 La Liga ,
– Messi Goal vs Iran 2014 FIFA World Cup ,
– Messi Free Kick vs Atletico Madrid 2012 ,
– Messi 3rd Goal vs Brazil 2012 ,
– Messi Right Foot Volley Goal vs Racing Santander 2008 ,
– Messi Goal vs Brazil 2010 ,
– Messi Free Kick Goal vs Granada 2013 ,
– Messi Free Kick Goal vs Athletic Bilbao 2014 ,

Many of these goals directly decided the title not just only the match. Messi goal vs Atletico Madrid clinched La Liga 2014-15 title for Barcelona , Messi Extra time winning goal vs Estudiantes won Barca the historic sextuple , Messi Volley Goal vs Real Madrid in Barcelona 3-2 Madrid win Barcelona Spanish Super Cup 2011 / Supercopa De Espana 2011-12. Also, Messi curve goal vs Iran in 2014 World Cup put Argentina in second round of WC.

Messi’s best game winning goals came not only against some of the greatest teams in the world, he has scored countless number of game winning goals against small teams. He is literally the king of crucial goals. How many points he won his teams is uncountable. Messi scored amazing crucial goals with curve shots, from outside the box, with Solo Goals , with volleys and even with his weak right foot.
Not only Leo Messi scored match winners from open play, he also scored winning goals from free kicks too! Messi scored free kick goals against some great teams to take the matches and important points away!

Many videos have been made featuring Messi’s best goals. Time to highlight the most crucial most important big stage goals of Lionel Andres Leo Messi.
Hope you enjoy this exclusive video Messi Match Winning Goals and Free Kicks !

The clips were not cropped so that you can see the opposition, scoreline and timing (minutes) when some of the “Best Match Winning Goals Ever in The History of Football” were scored. There is also no music just pure ENGLISH commentary so that you can hear how important or how crucial these goals were.
And there is no goal in here that was scored in the first half of the match. The minutes showing like 40 or 30 minutes here in some goals are actually the 40-30 minutes of the second half of the game. Some of these goals were extra time goals and last minute Goals.

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