Match 4 – Australia v Germany -Team Lineups – FIFA Confederations Cup 2017

The Lineups for Match 4 of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 – Australia v Germany

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20 Responses

  1. Efrain Soto says:

    Good B team germany put together. Still beating the australia A team. I would still rather see a japan or south korea team for the asia confederation. australia still did manage to score 2 goals. Not many countries can score 2 goals on germanys m.n.t.

  2. Chino the Great says:

    Hey seriously need to add some commentary like wtf

  3. Jagvar says:

    Can anyone explain me how Australia and New Zeland are both in the tournament?

  4. Ivanhoe Sanchez says:


  5. Daniel Pinto says:

    nice music

  6. UltimatePangoro says:

    ¿why germany has used the team B?
    they'll lose by Chile, México or Portugal

  7. ADAJ3 says:

    Young German team

  8. Onza 31 says:

    3-2 germany!!!!!👏👏👌👌👍👍

  9. John Jackson says:

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  10. TrueRed King says:

    4-0 win for Deütschland.

  11. Anonymous says:

    My escalation for winner 4-2-3-1

  12. CR7 Hala Madrid says:

    2-0 to Germany I think

  13. Henry Reinoso says:

    Where is Neuer, Kroos, Ozil, Müller, Boateng, Hummels, Gómez

  14. gg wp says:

    where is the stream

  15. Diego Hernandez says:

    Enserio? Australia jugando con 3 defensas?? y Alemania juega con 4 y 5 en medio campo? ?? Parece que Alemania se quiere defender de Australia y no al reves como deberia de ser :v Aun asi creo que ganara Alemania 3-1 o 3-2


    Officiating this match will be MARK GEIGER. One of the worst referees from con-CACA-f.  How this individual was even considered for this match is unthinkable.

  17. Kermit The Frog says:

    Germany will win 4-1. That's my prediction

  18. Kowel NoFam says:

    where is toni kross?

  19. Emile Heskey says:

    they spelled rüdiger wrong lmao😂😂😂

  20. Eliad Eyar says:

    Who the f*ck is Wagner and why is he here???

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