Peter Sarstedt – Where Do You Go To My Lovely (1969)

“Top Of The Pops” Show (1969)
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19 Responses

  1. Geir Rieber says:

    That is exactlly the question I asked in 69.

  2. Michael Bonello says:

    It remains poignant, so poignant, even though I was only 18 at that time. Day passes day, year passes year like a thunderstorm and you hardly notice it. Hear a song, listen to a song, pay attention to the words, above the melody.
    You will almost gasp for breath, as the realism whacks your heart, your soul, your head. Michael Samuel Sydney, Australia June 6

  3. ann o ' byrne says:

    Peter baker where are you

  4. john mitchell says:

    always believed it was about Sophia Loren

  5. Nick Madness says:

    Great song. This actually got a little airplay on NYC radio. I love when he sings "and you play your Rolling Stones records…." Nice accordion, sure wish there was more of it on this song. — Still a great song indeed.

  6. MARIAN KEOGH says:

    Listening to Peter's TOTP Where do you go to?" can't help thinking what a handsome man he was, so stylish and classy. He really was the real deal. No matter who the song was about his voice is sublime and his guitar playing great too RIP dear Peter Miss you

  7. Leyland Dias says:

    Brings back memories

  8. One Love Fort Collins says:

    This is great. What other good ones should I listen to of his? (for fans)

  9. origami_unicorn says:

    im a single year old and music today is stinky !!! like if agree

  10. Jade Shannon says:

    very good song

  11. Ray R says:

    "In the world of pop, it's hard to find an original talent"

    Oh boy. He was saying this in 1969. 1969. Imagine what he'd say about 2017 …..

  12. Justin Cook says:

    just 46 fantastic music drinking vodka I love it -flauschflausch

  13. jamesd says:

    nice helmet

  14. John Wilson says:

    Takes me back to 1969 the year our daughter was born. Possibly the happiest days of my life..Sadly now long gone

  15. Fuad foad says:

    Is it just me here in 2017 🙈

  16. moshe kalaiski says:

    F ing music

  17. 46514651 says:

    I have great memories of this in '69, sunny days and freedom delivering groceries and idealistic when ideals were cynically dismissed.

  18. Suhel Mullick says:

    white man enjoy it wile it lasts,your days are numbered

  19. richard harvey says:

    For me, this is the most outstanding pop song I have ever heard. Nearly 50 years since its release. it is just as exciting to hear it now as it ever was.

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