Sticks and Stones at sunrise

Sticks and Stones at sunrise
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Image by Jimmy McIntyre – Editor HDR One Magazine
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UK Journal Day 15 (Travel Diary Day 53)

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I’m a sucker for punishment. I woke up at 4.30am again today hoping there’d be another sunrise.There’s more pleasure than you’d think being alone watching a sunrise in front of beautiful scene. If I’d had a coffee in my hand the moment would have been complete.

I think the Alzheimer’s was a one-off episode yesterday. I’ve been functioning back up to full capacity today.

I’m seeing Rachel tonight for the first time in almost a week. She’ll interrogate me about the stag party. I just won’t know she’s interrogating me. Women have a gift for these things.

Today’s Photo – The rocks and poles by St Mary’s

When I arrived at the coast today I was surprised to find there was no access at all to the rocks I’d climbed a few days back. I had no idea the tide rises so high.

This is a long exposure shot, but complications arose when the wind kept picking up and knocking my flimsy temporary tripod to and fro. I waited it down with some rocks, increased the f-stop to shorten the shutter speed time and finally came out with a clean shot.

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