Strong Interaction: The Four Fundamental Forces of Physics #1a

Part one of a four part series on the fundamental forces (or interactions) of physics begins with the strong force or strong interaction – which on the small scale holds quarks together to form protons, neutrons and other hadron particles.

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20 Responses

  1. Aaron Forster-Jones says:

    Is this pun forced?

  2. Duck Tape says:

    How did the strong force got confined to the atom nucleus in the first place?

  3. William Power says:

    Ding Yi

  4. lawman94 says:

    So, in theory, if a quark were to somehow fall out of its bond via the gluon, perhaps after a collision in the LHC, could the quark which held the gluon at that very moment reattach to two other quarks and thus create a new particle? Also, would that create a particle identical to its previous bond?

  5. El mustapha el habzi says:

    you explain very well, keep doing videos like this

  6. Chris Rivas says:

    During the coldwar nuclear physicist harnessed the power of spitting atom by shooting an alpha particle in U-28 and the reaction from the shooting particle would cause the Uranium to explode and cause other explosions around it. I believe that was called nuclear fission. Now my question is, does a nuclear reaction still affect the strong for of an atom ? and can all nuclear fission be strong force strong force fission but not all strong force fissions are nuclear fissions? 🤔🤔🤔

  7. Nav Bravic says:

    Isn't it important to say that fundamental particles like quarks can't be broken down any further as of now or as far as we know? I'm not a physicist, but I've heard many people say that it's possible that these particles are made up of even more fundamental particles.

  8. Kato Nishiyama says:

    I watched this video in order to get some info on interaction and help me understand atomic decay and whats actually inside the hadron etc… I though i understood until the comment section was all like "speed of light (C) is basically TIME itself. So the quarks would not even realise that anything has happened because anything that moves at C – Time stops" and " the gluon isn't really "moving" in the perspective of the quarks. They are more like, instantaneously teleporting?" and I was like WHOAH OK IM TOO DEEP IN THE INTERNET SOMEONE HOIST ME OUT- I DONT NEED ANOTHER NIGHT OF EXISTENTIAL QUESTIONING OK.

    Its 4 in the afternoon. Please send help.

    Im not a university student i promise.

  9. J Attitude says:

    If a black hole is like a magnet and has a strong-force and is collecting particles and energy can it multiply the energy put in to it and generate more energy that make it put out more mass then it has taken in and make a new universe?

    Please complete the question and redefine it if some thing is missing.

  10. Nishant Suresh says:

    Is there like, a mechanism inbuilt in quarks and gluons that enable the occurrence of different colours in the three quarks as the colours are changes?

  11. Mimi Kal says:

    THANK YOU for making this video. Watching it is so much easier and quicker than studying Wikipedia for 5 hours.

  12. Jonothan Stevens says:

    Physics question: what would happen if enough electrons were introduced to override the strong force. Basically, could electromagnetic force be stronger than the strong force. If it did could it split the atom?

  13. T 9 says:

    Ok that was amazing.,… right up until the cuss word. The colored illustrations are so great! but the cuss words throw it all off for me.

  14. Meow wow says:

    The earth is a hologram. I knew it! lol

  15. Nikhil Waiker says:

    Is Hank drunk?

  16. Heather Macdonald says:

    how i ever managed to scrape a 2 in chemistry i don't know……. so many words

  17. Ethan Shitheer says:

    i managed to identify 3 of thr many fundamental force of Epic Nerdinesa
    -The Force
    -Speed Force
    -Mana Force

  18. Achsah Rajimon says:

    if a meson is made out of quarks and antiquarks don't they cancel out each other.

  19. Jose Lopez says:

    "These videos should be at least 10 minutes long IMHO." -A Curious Simpleton

  20. iulianburlacu says:

    OMG THAT T-SHIRT…shut up and take my money 😀

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