Thenali Telugu Full Movie | Kamal Haasan, Jyothika, Meena, Devyaani | Sri Balaji Video

Watch & Enjoy Thenali Telugu Full Movie (720p) With English Subtitles. Starring Kamal Haasan, Jyothika, Devayani, Meena, Jayaram, Delhi Ganesh, Madhan Bob, Vijayakumari, Direction K. S. Ravikumar, Music Composed by Rahman.

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Thenali (Kamal Hassan) is a man who fears anything and everything due to his earlier life in Sri Lanka. Dr. Panchabhootham (Delhi Ganesh) and his assistant (Ramesh Khanna), who are the doctors treating Thenali, are jealous of a relatively junior doctor Dr. Kailash (Jayaram) getting all the media attention. They decide to derail Dr. Kailash’s success by sending Thenali over to him. Soon after their first appointment, Dr. Kailash heads to his home in Kodaikanal on a vacation with his wife Jalaja (Devayani) and his two children. Dr. Kailash tells Thenali to wait until after the vacation before his therapy can begin, but Panchabhootham escorts Thenali to Kodaikanal to see Kailash while on vacation.

The expected happens. Thenali falls in love with Janaki (Jyothika), the younger sister of Dr. Kailash, which was vehemently opposed by the latter. The whole film is about how Dr. Kailash goes mad with the antics of Thenali and even begins to suspect that his wife has an affair with Thenali, as she has a soft corner for the latter. He even tries to kill Thenali by tying him to a tree with a time bomb, which Thenali (not knowing it is a bomb) removes and puts it in the doctor’s house, causing it to explode and Dr. Kailash, seeing this, suffers a paralytic attack. Eventually, Thenali marries Janaki and cures Dr. Kailash through shock treatment by bringing Meena, B. H. Abdul Hameed and K. S. Ravikumar and makes Meena act as his Sri Lankan wife.
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20 Responses

  1. K Veera Mani Kanta says:

    super move

  2. Funny Videos says:

    e movie lo kamal hassan ni chusi mansulo Ila enduku untaru 🤔 ani navkuna , apudu na age 12 ankunta, peda ayaka same a
    epudo Edo Oka nagitve thought or bhyalu 😕😖 I hope ending lo kamal hassan change aynatu nenu change itey baguntadi :/

  3. chandra sekhar says:

    Wonderful movie

  4. Chaitanya Nag says:

    excellent movie. kamal just rocked and very engaging movie

  5. Creative concept works KA says:

    superb acting…super movie

  6. Raj Kumar says:

    super….out nd out comedy😃

  7. Harikrishnareddy Muttana says:

    i like so much in this movie any body as in some tension plz visete this movie

  8. Learn Dot net in telugu says:

    rajendraprasad voice is super

  9. deepak alajangi says:

    ultimate comedy….

  10. Naga Sreelatha says:

    what a comic role of kamal sir superb&fantastic

  11. Kanne Srikanth says:

    what a action by kamal sir made me cry nd jayaram garu…

  12. rao k says:

    superb movie…jayaram acting is superb.

  13. ram charan says:


  14. ram charan says:


  15. pavan srinivas says:

    if u see tamil version of this movie kamal speaking jaffna tamil is just like some tamil people also cant understand but spb did good dubbing in telugu and rajendra prasad suited jayaram voice jhaansi did nt match for jothika voice but good movie

  16. pavankalyan powerstar says:

    super movie kamal is great actor

  17. Padma Koneru says:
  18. Ashok Gurnani says:

    An interesting concept for treatment. Fun movie. Jairam is very good in his role and so are the two ladies Jyothika and the doctor's wife. Worth watching. Good songs and great locales. Kodiakanal looks very pretty too.

  19. rahulroy29 says:

    nice movie



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