Watford 0-5 Manchester City – Pep Guardiola Full Post Match Press Conference 😡

Watford 0-5 Manchester City - Pep Guardiola Full Post Match Press Conference 😡

Post match press conference with Pep Guardiola after his side’s 0 – 5 victory over Watford.

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20 Responses

  1. Muhamadsaufi111 Saufi says:

    Hello pep..u are the best coach in the world..I like u tactics. …I thing john stone best position midfielder. ..duel yaya toure is good

  2. Shandra Grinstead says:

    i watch free hd movie without ads at this site

  3. Wisam AC says:

    If we get Bellerin and Neymar it would be HUGE, even if we get just one of those players and at least another striker

  4. outsiderdf says:

    Tottenham dont make it out of the last 64 next season in UCL, LOL, EPL is a joke.

  5. KT Kee says:

    Real Madrid wanted Pogba but he went to Man United so he's talking nonsense there. And after Abramovich bought Chelsea in the next 8 years they were in about 5 semi-finals, a final and won it. So saying it will take decades for City to compete in the CL is more self-serving cobblers.

  6. Giova- Napoletano says:

    Thank Guardiola
    Forza Napoli 💙💙

  7. Let'Us DaPp says:

    where are united dogs?

  8. MrsPig69 says:

    Man city 2016/17 Media Starter Pack
    1. Criticise Pep for not succeeding like he's done in the past
    2. Talk about how much the squad costs
    3. Claim Aguero and Pep don't get along and that he's leaving

  9. Raheem Sterling says:

    The Watford striker, Okaka Is the definition of a Target Man.

  10. Doctore 56 says:

    Stupid media

  11. X- -Ray [IMPERIAL] says:

    It seems pep is obsessed about Chelsea n has great respect for them…

  12. Abel Mokopakgosi says:

    Thanks Beany,hope to keep getting educated by you in the next season. Pep looking good and well rested,looking forward to a better City next season. C'mon City!!

  13. Kumbaa de Kumbinator says:

    You've been of great service this season beany. Thanks for everything 👊👏

  14. potato peels says:

    The press don't even know the player odegard they think he's from flamingo 😂😂😂

  15. Miguel Rdz says:

    His English it's so good right now, I'm so surprised about him, he is a professional I couldn't learn the language in 18 years, I mean he work so hard, he learn German in one year, beside that he is a amazing coach! Amazing guy!

  16. Bilal Jan says:

    thanks beanyman. really appreciate your work all season 👍👍

  17. Daniel Rogneson says:

    Thank you Beanyman for all the interviews! This channel means so much for us outside of the UK and who do not have access to the best sport channels, Sky Sports and the interviews, so on. Cheers from Sweden, enjoy the summer!

  18. Lattlay3D says:

    Leave Kyle walker alone pep 😡

  19. KH - MCFC says:

    If I was there (In the press conference) I will never ask him 😂😂

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