Girls At Night

Girls At Night

A LOT OF STUFF happens in the hours before you go to sleep…

Can we get this to 70,000 thumbs up fam?!
Have you seen my last video?!

So you guys requested this video a very long time ago after I uploaded my “girls in the morning” video BUT better late than never right?

everyone go check out shelby’s channel!:

I’m having so much fun making videos lately. I realized that the only way to enjoy making videos is to not take it too serious and just have fun. to you guys that are still here even after I was gone for so long, I just wanna say thank you and i love you.

here are some of my other favorite videos about what girls do:

if u wanna see the behind the scenes of my life, here u goooo!:
Snapchat: megandeangelis

If you’re reading this right now it means you have made it to the end of my description box and I am now attached to you….also I wanted to tell you to keep your chin up, kid!

alright peace children maybaby is outtt

I hope these video about what girls do in their night routine made ya laugh!

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20 Responses

  1. Mel and Megan says:

    5:308:30 hours of sleep

  2. Yetari Unicorn says:

    For the summer five hours

  3. Alisha Kirby says:

    I normally get 10 hours of sleep

  4. Sumedha Ghosh says:


    Like if you found the difference 😝

  5. liz Arc says:

    totally relatable

  6. gigi t.v says:

    i get 3 or 4 hours of sleep

  7. Cristina Cutler says:

    I have like 8 or hours of sleep

  8. Cupcake Queen says:

    im a night person and i sleep about 6-7 hours

  9. Tiana Cooper says:

    14 hours of sleep 😴

  10. Kaitlynn & Abby says:

    6 to 5

  11. Gabi's Weird Chanel says:

    Seeing this at 1:19 AM

  12. I am Alycia says:

    i always count my sleep time

  13. fan of team 10 says:

    I usually go to bed at 2

  14. Teresa Ward says:

    weekends like 2h and very really you 5-6h

  15. Stella Naftali says:


  16. Erica Zhang says:


  17. keitlan godoy says:

    I get 10 hours of sleep!

  18. JustSienna44 says:

    I get 6 hours of sleep

  19. Caitlin Hamilton says:

    I only go to sleep at about 3 am or more

  20. A Mitzkeylah says:

    How many hrs of sleep do I get? 3-5 hrs πŸ˜…

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