2015 Oscar nominations revealed

2015 Oscar nominations revealed

The nominations for the 87th annual Academy Awards were announced on Thursday in Beverly Hills. Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs was joined by actor Chris Pine, and directors J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuarón for the announcement.

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17 Responses

  1. TheHazardrous says:

    "Best Visual effects" = "Best Picture that moviegoers actually saw".

  2. Rajkumar Karnati says:

    no chis Nolan in  director  category,what the fuck is that.

  3. Julia Horta says:

    theory of everything should've been nominated for way more

  4. Diego Manuel Pisfil Ramirez says:

    Ida should have been nominated:
    ■Best Picture instead of Selma
    ■Best Director instead of Bennett Miller for Foxcatcher
    ■Best Supporting Actress instead of Meryl Streep for Into the Woods
    ■Best Original Screenplay instead of Foxcatcher

  5. Diego Manuel Pisfil Ramirez says:

    Boyhood should have been nominated
    ■Best Original Song instead of "Lost Stars" for Begin Again

  6. Diego Manuel Pisfil Ramirez says:

    The Grand Budapest Hotel should have been nominated:
    ■Best Sound Editing instead of Unbroken
    ■Best Sound Mixing instead of Unbroken
    ■Best Actor instead of Steve Carell for Foxcatcher

  7. Diego Manuel Pisfil Ramirez says:

    Whiplash should have been nominated:
    ■Best Director instead of Morten Tydlum for The Imitation Game
    ■Best Actor instead of Benedict Cumberbatch for The Imitation Game

  8. Diego Manuel Pisfil Ramirez says:

    Nightcrawler should have been nominated:
    ■Best Picture instead of American Sniper
    ■Best Actor instead of Bradley Cooper for American Sniper
    ■Best Supporting Actor instead of Robert Duvall for The Judge
    ■Best Film Editing instead of The Imitation Game

  9. Diego Manuel Pisfil Ramirez says:

    Birdman should have been nominated for:
    ■Best Film Editing instead of American Sniper
    ■Best Original Score instead of Mr. Turner
    ■Best Production Design instead of Mr. Turner
    ■Best Makeup and Hairstyling instead of Foxcatcher
    ■Best Costume Design instead of Maleficent
    ■Best Visual Effects instead of X-Men: Days of Future Past

  10. Paresy says:

    I've watched both interstellar and American sniper. And although American sniper is a great film. Interstellar is just better. Don't know how it hasn't got a nomination for best picture or Matthew mcCounaghey didn't get nominated for best actor. Although I do the films this year are the strongest for a while.

  11. Mr. Rohit Sreenath says:

    dick poop ….lol!

  12. Julio Chino Martinez says:

    i just watched all of the movies nominated for best picture, BOYHOOD is gonna win in my opinión, honest and simple story of the growing process of a man from the time he was very little till the youth, how every stage of his life is different, affected by the enviroment at that moment, family, trends in the sociaty, music, friends, etc, makes you remember how were you like, when you were five, 10, 14, etc, how stupidly you dressed or behaved sometimes at some age just to be trendy, to be accepted, to be loved, i felt identified with the movie every single minute as well as my brother, my father, even my mother and sister, i mean, this movie is like looking back  at your past,, brings memories to you that you didint remember, without being exaggerated, i mean, it doesnt have some sad gay story, or big tragedies, or mortal diseases, it is just the story of a regular and simple guy, and the thing that makes this movie remarkable is that the same actors are used for every stage of the movie, cause it took 12 years to be made, so you see how they age, get old during the years, the movie just blew my mind, totally recomended, the rest of the movies are good, but you will get to see movies like those the next year probably, but it is going to take a very long time for you to see another movie like boyhood.

  13. Josef Hautala says:

    Honestly after watching American Sniper again, Cooper probably deserved to get nominated but most of these nominees I would have taken off.

    here is how it would be if I had it my way

    Jake Gyllenhaal- Nightcrawler (winner)
    Guy Pearce- The Rover
    Tom Hardy- Locke 
    Bradley Cooper- American Sniper 
    Ralph Fiennes- The Grand Budapest Hotel

  14. Amos Yee says:

    My god.. Meryl streep gets nominated every year

  15. Amos Yee says:

    Fuck yeah! no lego movie!!

  16. Amos Yee says:

    Where the fuck is life itself and jodorowsky's dune in best documentary feature!

  17. Mike Mauthor says:

    Alfonso Cuaron should direct one of my current or future novels. He's an excellent director. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was truly the best potter movie of them all.

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