‘History’ by One Direction wins British Artist Video | The BRITs 2017

‘History’ by One Direction wins British Artist Video at The BRITs 2017!

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20 Responses

  1. Mustafa Ab says:


  2. C7F5C 97 says:

    Liam el único que se digno a ir 😂😂😂

  3. lol lol says:

    I'm so proud of the boys
    love you😘😘

  4. sonali kalotra says:


  5. Valentina Fernández says:

    lmao I hate Simon so much 😂

  6. abby getachew says:

    I'm literally laughing at the tension between Liam and Simon lol plus Liam just looked like he roled out of bed 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Jana Ysabella says:

    i'm crying 😭

  8. abdullah31369 says:

    i love 1 direction

    who loves 1 direction thumbs up

  9. Jenny Amanda says:

    guys…. i miss them 🙁

  10. Sunil Minta says:

    kiiiuiuiiuuuluuijbuuiuuiuuuuluuuuujuuuumhujuuujuuukijkolkhukkhumjhuulkikulululkhuouluu hkojkkk

  11. gleefan says:

    I miss them so much

  12. Eleanor james says:

    proud to be a directioner

  13. Karuna Shree says:

    Daddy Direction's here to save the day !

  14. maría paz says:

    I love to see simon's reaction when he see liam lmao

  15. SUPER PAYNE says:

    Liam will always be there <3.

  16. Rafaela Mariel says:

    If you come back I think you will win again in 2018 SO PLEASE COME BACK BECAUSE I REALLY REALLY MISS ONE DIRECTION SO BAD

  17. Mary Ann Tarun says:

    iam so proud of the lads and no one could ever change that.

  18. Mary Ann Tarun says:


  19. Laura Pinzon says:


  20. Tej says:

    I hoped that he might say something about simon😔

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