2015 – Olympia WA – Old Sate Capitol Building


2015 – Olympia WA – Old Sate Capitol Building
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Image by Ted’s photos – Returns mid July
Bought a new car in February. Picked it up from the dealer and put it in the garage. Every day after we walked by it all it did was whine and snivel about going for a drive. After 2 weeks we relented and let it go as far as Olympia Washington, the state capitol.

This was the original state capitol building located in the historic city centre.

The Old State Capitol Building, currently the home of the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, was initially built to house the Thurston County courthouse and opened in 1892.

The year that the current Legislative Building was completed in 1928, a disastrous fire gutted the building and destroyed the clock tower. The building was again heavily damaged in the 1949 earthquake. The clock tower used sit between the two remaining spires.

On 22 July 1981,the National Park Service certified Thurston County Courthouse as a national historic site, and assigned it the reference number 81000592.


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