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… with eyes so green, with one swift blow, she can burst your spleen. If you’re looking back a few years, she could be an outdoor type who loves dogs and horses, but if you’re looking a bit into the future, that’s going to be another matter altogether.

This is one of the two female leads in the TV series Terminator, The Sarah Connor Chronicle. She’s a robot. I had no idea that after I retired, I’d be come a Science-fiction nut, but if you’re of the male persuasion, folks like Sarah Connor will do that to you.

For years, I said, I was saving alcohol for my old age, because I spent my last working years being on twenty-four hour call for crime related emergencies, a bomb scare, a riot, a sexual assault or maybe just a large number of auto burglaries in one short period of time. I had no idea it wouldn’t work out that way.

When I retired at age seventy-one, it worked out great for a while and I could enjoy several rum and cokes every night and about once a week do six while watching a movie with a hand over one eye and just feel superfragilisticaly GOOD.

By the time I was kicking eighty in the posterior, it only took one rum and coke and I’d be off to La la Land with the movie still running. Thankfully …

God in his infinite wisdom saw fit to lead me to alternative vices and that was when I discovered science-fiction.

There are so many reasons I really like the Terminator series. The visuals are masterful and Lena Headey as Sarah Connor is better than any rum and coke I can remember.

I just had a thought about how the future can solve the problem of being ugly. If a Henry Ford will come forward and build affordable male and female robots, then every man and woman on earth can marry their own dream mate and program them to respond to anything, even housework. The species …. ????

…. we could still have sperm banks.

We guys could contribute occasionally and you gals could select the vial with the demographic you wanted and then place the vial in the correct receptacle on your robot and …. there, you have it.


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