Monthly Archive: July 2017


White Walker’s around London

White Walker’s around London Image by TaylorHerring A model dressed as the ‘Night King’ from Game of Thrones appeared at Hadrian’s Wall on horseback to celebrate the upcoming start of season 7 of the...


Facebook 即時通2

Facebook 即時通2 Image by caishin 看了一下使用說明,目前還不支援XP呦! 使用XP的網友就不用花時間下載了。 『原神命理工作室 歡迎預約占卜:0930135443 吳老師』


Saugferkelfütterung Nutrix+

Vollautomatische sensorgesteuerte Flüssigfütterung für die zusätzliche unterstützende Fütterung von Saugferkeln in den ersten Tagen nach der Abferkelung. Video Rating: / 5


Glenn Derry: Movie Maker

Glenn Derry: Movie Maker Image by Maker Media Glenn Derry’s sprawling prop fabrication shop is overseen by plaster casts of actors’ faces from various projects (see if you can spot Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg,...


Martin Luther King’s Last Day

People share their stories about the last day Martin Luther King was alive. Follow me below Twitter: Tumblr: Comments disabled because the new comment system SUCKS!


Sen. Joe Biden attends a Creston house party

Sen. Joe Biden attends a Creston house party Image by Iowa’s premier political news site: Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., campaigns for president at a July 3 house party in Creston.


Lighting for Portraits

Lighting for Portraits Image by Sidious Sid What is a portrait? From the very first pictured pictures on wet plates by nineteenth – century photography pioneers to the latest images recorded as digital files...


Tabria Majors How To Become a Plus Size Model

Tabria Majors (IG @tabriamajors) gives instruction to women looking to get into plus size modeling. (Background music: Beijing by Kasseo: **************** Plus Size Modeling Agencies: Natural Models… 6161 Santa...

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