Fantasy Fighter Diamond farming

Diamond farming+gameplay
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18 Responses

  1. bak bc says:

    I played this game for 2 years

  2. Queen Savage says:


  3. Queen Savage says:

    I was a bit funny

  4. Queen Savage says:


  5. Queen Savage says:

    its so funny when he thinks hes a proper youtuber nd he has no suscribers

  6. Jayy Knight says:

    i like your videos

  7. Irialis Almeida says:

    where do you live? where i live it doesnt work it says "CDN Servers Are Under Maitenence {404}<0>

  8. Angel Torres says:


  9. Creative Geneyus says:

    holy cow, 3,000 views? you guys are amazing. thank you! glad you all find this video useful!

  10. Lar Sree Wah says:

    Meet me in the exp thing

  11. Lar Sree Wah says:

    Your seangen is level 82

  12. Romario Souza says:

    Boot as VIP?

  13. Ricardo Cassignol says:

    i got some items that does not forge

  14. Ricardo Cassignol says:

    i forged one of my equipment

  15. Ricardo Cassignol says:

    but how your level 64 character power is 25678

  16. Ricardo Cassignol says:

    ok but are you vip

  17. Ricardo Cassignol says:

    i got him and he's a level 66

  18. Ricardo Cassignol says:

    when i was playing that game just now i started playing with him

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