12 EASY HEATLESS HAIRSTYLES – Short / Medium Hair | Sophie Louise


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20 Responses

  1. Turtle1slimes a says:

    I have thick and curly hair and the same hair length as you, and when I do ponytails, I look like I have a poof

  2. Kittycat Productions says:

    Ps I love cats!!!!

  3. Kittycat Productions says:

    My hair is always tangled!😿😿😿😿

  4. Chloe Vennell says:

    You should do more hair videos!!!x

  5. hala nassani says:

    do you iron your hair or is your hair like this naturally😅

  6. Comeonlillyloo says:

    Nice to see something different. I miss having long hair. My hair is a pixie cut and pale pink.👍❤️👍

  7. Meg Baxter says:

    i really want to cut my hair but im so nervous

  8. thobecca walker says:

    The plaits r the cutest

  9. Chloe Moss says:

    These hairstyles are super cute! X

  10. Marilee Vasquez says:

    yay my favorite was hairstyle #8 definitely!

  11. Lucy Barnes says:

    At 4:00 was that ride ?

  12. idkkelly says:

    am i hearing all time low

  13. Bobby Lou says:

    I mastered the messy bun!! I was soooo Happy!

  14. Laura Playz says:

    Does anyone else watch these and tell yourself you'll do them, and never do?

  15. Nevaeh Samson says:

    i have really thick hair but this worked!

  16. Mad-dawg 2003 says:

    In America we call plaits braids

  17. Hallie Aldaies says:

    You looked great with the bun and two side plaits! I love your accent. I'm definitely subscribing to your channel.

  18. MOnSteR_ sOfO says:

    FINALLY a medium hair turtorial you saved My Life I love you sooooooo much

  19. Lois Jones says:

    Please do testing out sleek makeup x

  20. Fay Peters says:

    can you wear the pony tail with a braid in your next video because it looks so once and the hair is out of you face xxx💖

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