General Election: BBC Forecasts Hung Parliament – BBC News

Conservatives predicted to remain the largest party

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20 Responses

  1. George Wilson says:

    Curb your Election

  2. Jonas Marken says:

    Corbyn is like a modern day rocky balboa, a people champion.

  3. Jean D says:

    She's the modern day Marie Antionette.

  4. Jason Muriithi Kiama says:

    Call Dan Bull.

  5. Basil Fawlty says:

    Time for Mrs May to declare martial law and have the election ruled void. The democracy experiment has clearly failed and needs to halted.

  6. Xanadu172 says:

    The Brits fought against the Nazis, now they voted for a party that has at its head an anti-Jew Nazi, Corbyn. What the fuck is wrong with you Europeans?? Does America have to save your ass once again??

  7. Reverend Felcher says:

    May shouldn't have gotten into bed with Trump. She woke up with herpes.

  8. TheMystery Gamer says:

    Weak and wobbly Theresa needs propping up #CoalitionOfChaos

  9. leapsplashafrog says:

    These Tories didn't even bother to campaign ?

    Sabotaging brexit?

  10. 2016 2017 says:

    This is what you get when you hold hands in public with Donald Trump.

  11. 1982vergil says:

    Labour & SNP should work together to reverse the Brexit.
    May Allah bless bremain.

  12. Danny Richie says:

    Ok now just focus on brexit

  13. Bob Mbeki says:

    I always think british are not intelligent, they are kind of people ready to shoot themselves in the foot. Oh yes here is one proof!

  14. tonius saved says:

    it is right that the goverment reflect the country.. WE are hung too

  15. Geeky Grant says:

    Well this is a jolly old mess we have got ourselfs in…

    Not really suprised, have a feeling remoaners are behind this, heck why push for the future when we can just fuck it up for everbody? 😛

  16. Deka R says:

    The guy on RT news channel hit the nail on the head, May should of expected this, she called the election and then hid behind the sofa for 6 weeks LOL

  17. call me Ishmael says:

    She screwed up big time

  18. Miele Rodriguez says:

    Betray us on Brexit and never again will have to obey any laws. The EU is not a good idea. We will be better off outside this totalitarian organisation. They don't care about people. Only power. Hard Brexit please.

  19. Kim Jong Donald says:

    Utter humiliation for Theresa May, I like it.

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