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I was SOO bored w// my brown hair I was itching for a change! I hope you all found this video easy to follow along with and leave your comments below !! SEE YA

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My Clip ins Info:
Texture: Afro kinky curly is designed for 3c-4a hair
Length: 16″
Color: Natural Color
Link to the same hair: http://www.betterlength.com/clipin-hair-extensions-c-1/afro-kinky-curly-clipin-set-p-67/?ytb=NaturallySunny

♡ Products Used ♡
BetterLength 16″ Afro Kinky Curly Clip-ins
Stirring Utensil
Color Mixing Bowl
Clairol 20 Volume Developer
Clairol BW Lightening Powder
Latex Gloves
Aluminum Foil
Boreal Feria Collection “Rose Gold”

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**This video is sponsored!!

◘ SUSHI ft Masego

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19 Responses

  1. loveme4whoIam says:

    would like to see make up look

  2. Violet 2uesdae says:

    I am here for this color!!!

  3. Zina Warrior says:

    I love this make up ❤️

  4. Mia Fancía says:


  5. Nazaré George says:

    I love that color 😍 It looks great on you!!!

  6. Mya Weathersby says:

    Where did you buy the hair color?

  7. Nesha Craisha says:

    You did the same thing to your real hair ?

  8. Amya says:

    Did anyone else keep thinking of Wii music during the intro cause it sound like it?

  9. MSC MSC says:

    Can You Do A Skin Care Video😩

  10. mcacmason says:

    Did you get your hair the same color with the L'Oréal you used on the clip ins ?

  11. Breanna allison says:

    When the water ran down your neck after using the spray bottle I felt so uncomfortable cause that happens to me and I like jump for a towel lmao

  12. lael bailey says:

    bro how is her skin so fuckin nice and clear

  13. nwkchick31 says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. Makeup tutorial please.

  14. Jayy Baee says:

    So did you bleach your real hair to get it to that color or did you just dye it ?

  15. Queen Shugaa says:

    so how do you achieve the color on your head? the same way?

  16. Ainhoa Bonilla says:

    Bruhhh that hair colour is gorgeous 😭😍😍

  17. Kenniesha Ash says:

    How did you gain this hair colour did you use more then one dye :>3

  18. chyglizzy says:

    your fine as fuck without makeup

  19. Momo's Life says:

    She is so underrated 🤦🏽‍♀️😭✝️💜🦄

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