1924 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine

1924 graduating class, University of Illinois College of Medicine
Fred Talbot
Image by UIC Digital Collections
University of Illinois College of Medicine Class 1924

Photograph credited to Bloom Photographers, State-Lake Bldg., Chicago

full names taken from June 9, 1924 Board of Trustees report
as pictured, left to right, top to bottom
† indicates faculty/staff

Esteban Elicano Eliazo AB BS
Carl August Wilke BS
Vincent J. Sutch BS
Michael Henry Streicher BS
John Francis Flynn BS
Russell Johnson AB BS
Severo Francisco Mar BS
Clyde Kenneth Conrad BS
Carlton Maurice Neiberg
William Gibson Elliott BS
Wilbur Stuart Wood BS
Robert Crawford Robertson AB BS MS
Clarence Martin O’Hora BS

Abraham Ettleson BS
Ralph Benjamin Snavely BS
Irvin Davis BS
Douglass Sheldon Kellogg BS
Jesse Margolis BS
Richard Axel Lifvendahl BS
Raymond Green Colyer AB BS
Raymond August Toepfer BS
Andrew McNally Jr. BS
Harry George Talbot BS
John Frank Moon BS
Charles Raimer Smith BS
Morris Solomon Jerkowsky BS
George Creswell Burns BS

John Frederick Smith BS
David Melman Shayne BS

Benjamin Franklin Kilgore BS
Sigil Clance Harris
Julius Hayes Hess MD †
David John Davis BS PhD MD †
William Henry Welker AC PhD †
Henry Eugene Irish MD †
George Peter Dreyer AB PhD †
David Kinley PhD LLD, Pres. †
Norval Harvey Pierce MD †
Charles Sumner Bacon PhB MD †
Maurice Louis Goodkind MD †
Frederick Tice MD †
John Weatherson MD CE †
Louis Joseph Halpern BS
Arthur Paul Picard AB BS

Fred Snider Etherton BS
John Robert Johnson BS
Egan Walter Fischman MD †
William Allen Pusey AM MD †
Ernest Sisson Moore PhB MD †
Adolph Hartung MD †
Charles Spencer Williamson MD MS †
Albert Chauncey Eycleshymer BS PhD MD, Dean†
Albert John Ochsner BS MD LLD†
Frank Smithies MD †
Harold Douglas Singer MD MR CP †
Daniel Atkinson King Steele MD LLD †
Arthur Richard Elliott MD †
George Samuel Glassoff
Wilbert Ashton Liebeler AB BS

Robert Schafer BS
Edmund Valient Young BS
Francis Eugene Senear BS MD†
Joseph C. Beck MD †
Nelson Mortimer Percy MD †
Harry Culver MS MD †
Charles Herbert Phifer MD †
Rachelle S. Yarros MD †
Edward Vail Lapham Brown MD BS †
Henry Lester Baker MD †
John Michael Lang MD †
Charles Edward Humiston MD †
Charles Morgan McKenna BS MD †
Ralph Boyce Armitage BS
Vincent Thomas James Lenth

Milton B. Gevirtz BS
Thomas Craig Scott
Samuel Kaplan BS
Haim I. Davis MD †
George Luther Davenport MD †
Lester Edward Bower AB MD †
Raymond William McNealy MD †
Channing Whitney Barrett MD †
Edward Louis Heintz PhG MD LLD †
George Boris Hassin MD †
Hugh Alister McGuigan MD PhD †
Maurice Lewison MD †
Joseph Hancock Thomas BS
Charles Herold Eye BS
John Clarence Yockey BS

Russell Walter Goebel BS
John Jacob Gasser BS
Walter Pierson Tippett BA
Carl Joseph Uthoff BS
William Lloyd Kenny BS, Treasurer
Hyman Israel Vener BS, Vice Pres.
William Beringer Marcusson Jr. BS, Pres.
Jacob Fischer BS, Sgt. at Arms
Robert Neil Crow BS
Maurice John Thornton BS
Harold Quinten Groos BS
Edmund Francis Bennett
Albert Ilmer Mathre BS

Jesse P. Rogers BS
Sherman Lawrence Shapiro BS
Charles T. Poulson BS
Eugene Albert Edwards BS
Chester Philip Fox BS
Raymond John Meyer BS, Ex. Com.
Leo Grant Glickman BS, Ex. Com.
Milton Henry Kronenberg BS, Ex. Com.
Samuel Isaac Weiner BS
Max Thomas Bolotin BS
Robert William Flynn BS
William Frederick Abramson
Louis William Perman

Hyman Nathan Brown BS
Melvin Reese Guttman BS
Harry Singer
Joseph Rubenstein BS, Cap and Gown Com.
Howard Reynold Johnson BS, Cap and Gown Com.
Alvin Stewart Thurston BS, Student Council
Jacob Morton Mora BS, Student Council
Harry Clinton Bigglestone AB BS, Student Council
Loren Leslie Collins BS, Cap and Gown Com.
Dewey Minnis Roberts AB BS, Cap and Gown Com.
David Rosenblum BS
Arthur Reuben Cooper AB AM PhD
Magni Davidson BA

Robert Woodruff Meals BS
Ivan Gilbert BS
Owen Wendell Emen Nowlin BS
Paz Garcia King AB BS
Aloysius Francis Lenzen AB BS, Prog. Com.
Neil McLean Leitch BS, Prog. Com.
Hugo O. Deuss BS, Prog. Com.
Louis Aaron Eshman BS, Prog. Com.
Frank John Smejkal BS, Prog. Com.
Beulah Marie Smith BS
Alfred P. Solomon AB
Thomas Sanderson Robertson BS
John P. Mulcahy
John Francis Ralston BS

Not pictured:
Glen Amos Brough AB BS
Henry Alpheus Merchant BS

University of Illinois College of Medicine Graduating Class Composite Photos. Special Collections and University Archives, University of Illinois at Chicago Library

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