2 Days in the Valley with Christy Mack – part 2 of 5 w/ Ivan, photo shoot & duct tape!

(SHOT January 2014) After the 2014 XBIZ Panel Christy and I headed to Hollywood Blvd. to shop for wardrobe for a Mexican TV shoot later in the day. The off to Universal City hills for the long photo shoot with some big TV personalities from Mexico. Next morning we prep for our XBIZ Awards night of fun. At Walmart Christy buys a bunch of pink duct tape for her red carpet outfit … a Pink Duct tape dress! As I prep my outfit with my “Attention Whore” shirt, Christy duct tapes herself in for the show. Uncensored footage on Christy’s website. Part two concludes with us driving to the Award show as we discuss what is in store for the night. #ChristyMack
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20 Responses

  1. mikeje305 says:

    show us that fat beefy pussy

  2. Lord Dracoliche says:

    I was looking for memes..

  3. MMA 1 says:

    She is so discusting.

  4. PerrySport says:

    Mass Effect Jack hentai brought me here.

  5. Bohemian15 says:

    Christy MC bacon

  6. djodjino joe says:

    J'adore ses tatouages….

  7. AnotherCrazyCroft says:

    5:06 hihihihihihihii

  8. Jason Voorhees MGK says:

    lace up MGK ★★★★★

  9. Viviana Rodríguez says:

    Q cuerpo perfecto

  10. Kamel Benadda says:

    not beuti

  11. Cup Noodles Studio says:

    I never taught I'll be inloved with a Pornstar. I like her.

  12. Gustavo Rodriguez says:

    te amo christy mack

  13. D Ron says:

    she looking better from when she got here face beat in

  14. Ascotch1 says:

    I don't know why I jacked off to this when I could have just watched her porn

  15. Deniz Magaš says:

    you need to read something about Croatia and Nikola Tesla to see some stuff that he had done and how important they were and still are for all of us.not funny joke about Croatia.

  16. Alan Hendricken says:

    how did she get out of that duct tape?? Couldn't have been very fun. Just out of curiosity, of course.

  17. RegTarg011 says:

    damn..her face is like ..20 shades darker then her hands.. disgusting.
    thou her bud.. yea >.> ..m m m

  18. Elvir kadriev says:

    who is the guy thats filmin..most horrible taste in clothing…damm noob xd… i bet he got a taste from cristy
    im so jalous

  19. Amine Belhout says:

    the best pornstar of a moment is SIRI because she has a natural boobs

  20. mikeje305 says:

    she seems like a stuck up bitch

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