30 Box Braids Styles !

This month I challenged myself to create 30 different box braids styles. “Why?” you may wonder. Well, every time I would wear box braids, I actually have the same hair style, like a simple bun or half up/half down hairstyle. I know there must be more girls that could use some inspiration, so that’s why I challenged myself for 30 days to come up with something new.

I used hashtag #30daysofboxbraids on Instagram to keep up with my box braids styles.
Please note that this video is a Lookbook. I made three tutorials for the Flower Pin, The Flower Bun and the Fishtail Braid. We will be uploading some more tutorials of these hairstyles very soon.

– Flower pin: http://youtu.be/2qA6MgAGL4U
– Fishtail Braid: http://youtu.be/mDsPW0zVLm4
– The Flowr Bun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-slu_IK7dUk

Music by JetFlyMusic

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20 Responses

  1. Faniece Hackney says:

    lmao "make you fart again"

  2. Amelia Grace says:

    These are so nice

  3. qween liz says:

    so nice💋

  4. Alexis Barker says:

    omg I watched it and then I read that commet and I laughed for 20 mins straight because I watched it again and I almost peed myself jk but that was hilarious I'm dying

  5. Penny Lindenmuth says:

    raising job😂😂😂😘😘😘

  6. Unicornskittle games says:


  7. Lysanne Speek says:

    Ik hoor aan het muziekje dat het Nederlands is 😂😂

  8. Number One Momo says:

    qui parle francais ici ?!

  9. Miranda Jackson says:

    She should have done all four side pictures cuz some of those hairdo's only look good from the side she is showing.

  10. tybaby lit says:

    I loved all the styles. Some of them I will need to see how to do them. Thanks for creating this video overall.

  11. Felice Coleman says:

    every style ugly af

  12. British Walker says:

    Ugly hair styles

  13. Jasmine Carroll says:

    The all loose was really CUOT

  14. Jasmine Carroll says:

    At 1:15 the hat, I looked at the hat and thought that was her braids, lol

  15. denise basson says:

    Thanks angel loved them all….The song tho…..who sings this? I like…

  16. Lex Page says:

    💓💓💓 so much variety love it

  17. Thabisa Whittington says:

    I'm not so good with styling hair. This is way helpful!!

  18. Hosanna Mpumgu says:

    Amazing #love ur hair

  19. Selina Rose says:

    that s twist

  20. P M says:

    What do you use for your edges..thanks

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