A Gen Xer Tries to Help Out a Millennial

A Gen Xer Tries to Help Out a Millennial

As the millennials say, “I can’t even.” And Cappy sure as hell can’t as he tries to address the numerous, and self-inflicted problems of a millennial.

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19 Responses

  1. RAW asshitshow says:

    did this nigga just say I have a boyfriend

  2. djangogeek says:

    "were you writing pot when you smoked this?" xD

  3. Dev S says:

    if its not winter, choak with scarf and stop bullshit coffee.

  4. Juan Betancourt says:

    How Come I Never Meet Any These Feminist Broads That YOU Are OBSESSED WITH. This Asshole Is Always Whining About These Feminist Women. The Problem Is With This Asshole Who Attracts These Lame Women. Where Are These Feminists??

  5. Juan Betancourt says:

    Still Waiting For Your "Facts"

  6. THRILLHEAUX says:

    The brutally honest ending would have been the perfect time for a "toodles." That's my only critique on this one.

  7. metubez says:

    Geezus I thought I was pathetic.

  8. Steve Knight says:

    This is gold. GOLD!

  9. carl schneider says:

    This caused my brain to explode! This guy doesn't need advice, he needs a life!!

  10. Edris says:

    It's a god damned shame that I live on the complete opposite coast of where California is. I really want to get there the second they secede so that I can take whatever land I can.

  11. lindsay c says:

    Lmao hey we need help too. 🙁

  12. lindsay c says:


  13. Krasimir Ivanov says:

    Are you sure you are straight? Was thinking the same thing. He sounds like a woman. Which makes the Persian chick the dude. Jesus Christ, I thnk she will dump him after he fails to deliver. And she will be perfectly fine for doing it.

  14. virushunter83 says:

    This guy has to be fake. I'm a millenial and though I have seen some shit coming out of my age group, this guy is beyond anything I could imagine. With the lack of common sense, going along with whatever a psycho chick wants and a philosophy degree that qualifies him to make coffee, it's almost as if he's a troll who has studied your books and is now role playing as the guy he knows you will find the lowest kind of person.

  15. Brian Long says:

    Yea. She has codependency. Time for her to do a 12 step program!!!

  16. daniel jocson says:

    Why do I feel like this email was from a really huge troll…

  17. TONY SOPRANO says:


  18. DeadlyFormer91 says:

    Lmao @ 11:25 "were you writing pot when you smoked this?" Best fucking quote

  19. zargondm says:

    http://en.savefrom.net/ will save youtube as audio files

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