AFC East Top 5 Offseason Headlines Heading into the 2017 Season! | NFL NOW

The AFC East Division’s top 5 headlines from the offseason heading into this 2017 season.

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20 Responses

  1. Ryan Schechtman says:

    FINS UP 🐬 🐬 🐬

  2. Bn VaB says:

    Hope y'all are having a blessed day!🙏🏾Please support a smaller channel leave a like, anything, Thank you so much

  3. New Jersey says:

    The Patriots are stacked on offense and defense. There's a big chance that there going undefeated this season.

  4. DominoPerson 5 says:

    The jets are the new browns, like it or not

  5. Trix says:

    Wtf did the jets do lol

  6. kuko0306 says:


  7. Mike Green says:

    theyre division is a joke aside from the pats. i mean come on, the jets signed josh mccown

  8. TheMoneyGreenJet says:

    As a proud New York Jets fan I can say that I'm happy with what they have done this offseason

    You're laughing at them now but in 3 years they could have a championship contender

    Heres how they could get it done:

    Right now the Jets have 24.2 million, 5th in the league behind other tanking teams

    With other deductions like Adams's contract that still has to be signed they will have about 16 million to carry over into 2018

    66 million is the projected amount the Jets will make in the 2017-2018 season and add the 16 mil to it the Jets have 82 mil

    Some cap will go to the draft and training camp but with some cuts and a potential Sheldon Richardson trade the Jets could around 80 to 90 million in cap

    Plus with the "random guess" that the Jets will have a top 3 draft pick, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, and Luke Falk coming out of this QB class there's a good chance the Jets find their franchise QB without using much of their cap

    So, if the Jets hold onto their money until they know they their QB for the future, get some big free agents, and wait until Tom Brady retires, the Jets are SET!

    and thats FACTS!

  9. TylerA9981 says:

    Jamal Adams gonna be a stud droy

  10. Bills Mafia says:

    Dolphins so overrated.. they beat one .500+ team (a super injured stealers team)

  11. BIG G CAB G says:

    I guess Malcolm Butler just doesn't care about money smh

  12. Charles Mitter says:

    brandon cooks mega fast

  13. Nicholas Hoffman says:

    As a jets fan I'm excited for the future enough with with the old guys time for a rebuild

  14. Johnny Rockits says:

    Pats will win the division I'm pretty sure everyone knows that

  15. hosstheboss 23 says:

    It's Hard being a loyal jets fan

  16. Darkseid Lord Of Apokolips says:

    Cheate- Oops, I mean Patriots will stay owning this sorry division. #FACTZ

  17. Animes Forever says:

    Só eu de brasileiro aqui?

  18. young metro kid says:

    Bills win 2020 superbowl

  19. Hunter Amoruso says:

    So am i the only one who thinks the jets got rid of there 2 best offensive players and there best defensive player for a couple of players who might not be that good

  20. Chris Harris Jr says:


    (1). Better regular season stats – Lower INT%, higher COMP%, higher TD/INT ratio, higher passer rating, more TDs per game, more yards per attempt, more yards per season, more TDs per season, less picks per season, etc.

    (2). Better playoff stats – Lower INT%, higher COMP%, higher TD/INT ratio, higher passer rating, more TDs per game, more yards per attempt, nearly identical yards per game (AR – 262 TB – 267), etc.

    (3). Better athlete – Don't need to explain this one.

    (4). Better Thrower – Better passing stats (As seen above) and if you watch the games it's obvious who's the better thrower. Look at the film.

    (5). Better IQ – Makes less mistakes (Less incompletions, less picks, etc), and Aaron has better pocket awareness. Throwing the ball faster does NOT make you a better pocket passer, what does is knowing when to step up into the pocket and step out of the pocket. Aaron is better at both of those things.

    (6). The main arguments for Brady are all useless –
    Rings, wins, etc: Team accomplishments. On the individual level they do matter, but they matter so little it's barely even worth mentioning.
    Accolades: Legitimate argument, however, Peyton Manning has more accolades and I'd bet money you don't think he's better than Brady.
    Clutchness: AKA Cleaning up his own mess

    (CONCLUSION). Aaron Rodgers is best QB in the history of this game.
    EDIT – Accidentally deleted the other one.

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