Alison Moyet – Invisible

Alison moyet Invisible

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20 Responses

  1. Spngled says:

    rip me old pumper out me chest

  2. Frank Miranda says:



    Haunting and beautiful.

  4. Xachary Jarboe Kirsh says:

    I love this single, it came with an awesome 12 inch remix and 2 great b-sides. one of her best

  5. Douglas Fritzie says:

    my life.

  6. Douglas Fritzie says:

    love you girl

  7. Mark Blair says:

    A timeless classic

  8. Carlos Alen duran says:

    I love her

  9. Carlos Alen duran says:

    new cd out now

  10. Dawn Willis says:

    what a song! Love her.😍

  11. luzzgn8a says:

    How did she not become an 80's sensation with a voice like that. Let me guess, because she didn't have what it took to have that slutty Madonna look. ?

  12. Tan Umeshu says:

    I cried when i hear this song…
    because i treated the girl who loved me as invisible..
    i am so sorry now…so so sorry…

  13. Robert Brundige says:

    I wonder who influenced Adele?

  14. sue beatty says:

    WOW!!!! I remember this one those vocals kick ass

  15. BerlinFan82 says:

    She could sing the telephone book and make it entertaining.

  16. sadcore says:

    Back when music had emotion, and singers weren't saccharine and stevia infused twats.

  17. Vincent Avila says:

    Alison could eat Adele for breakfast.

  18. Jason Fredericksen says:

    great song

  19. Conrad Brown says:

    great song Rexy rose

  20. Thiago Julia says:

    Autor : Lamont Dozier.

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