Ann Coulter speaks out about dispute with Delta

Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter spoke to CBSN Monday about her dispute with Delta Air Lines. She blasted the airline on Twitter over its handling of a seat change on a flight, and Delta pushed back, accusing Coulter of hurling “unacceptable and unnecessary” insults at customers and staff.

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20 Responses

  1. Polarbear 123 says:

    She should have been dragged out.

  2. DOCTOR LOGIC says:

    She should had stay in her pre book seat. Delta rent a cop would had beat her up and drag her out of the plane. Delta should say why she had change her seat.

  3. Robert Smith says:

    Mr. Kelyanne Conway needs to stop pretending to be a Woman!

  4. amolrsagar says:

    Ann is done wrong here. Airline can not act with impunity and let sit people anywhere they want. She paid for the seat and they chose not to let her sit. This is not value for money. Totally unprofessional on deltas side.

  5. Karim Bennett says:

    When White privilege goes wrong.

  6. KillaCommieFerMommie says:

    God bless Ann Coulter.

  7. jeff goodman says:

    I can't stand CBS news

  8. Jeff Vinylvarmint says:

    Ann is the best. We need 100 more of her 👌✌🇺🇸💙

  9. Robert Anderson says:

    Hey CBS News, are you a news organization or a tabloid? You're interested in Coulter's reasons for choosing that seat, how about some curiosity for Delta's actions? Why did they move her? Was the reason legitimate or capricious? Did Delta target her because she has criticized them in the past? Did they target her because she is a prominent Conservative? Why are they not providing their reason? Delta's silence appears damning. I look forward to the results of your investigative journalism.

  10. lamaistyle says:

    She has many good points. The tv guy has no sense,

  11. unknownsoldier 151 says:

    damn Ann Coulter is hideously anorexic…looks like she's always deepthroating

  12. William Gates III says:

    republicans/confederates only care when it effects them.

  13. JUST ME says:

    OMG, how did Ann survive this ghastly ordeal? Bring out the National Guard. Delta, please pay for her psychotherapy so that she can heal from this horrific, heinous, insufferable incident. And, as a favor to the rest of us, please continue to pay for her psychotherapy, starting with anger management.

  14. Willie Dynamite says:

    If she keeps complaining…ban her! She got treated like a average American and took it to heart. They didn't recognize her so she's mad. They gave her $30 which is more than enough for her pain and suffering. Be thankful their goons didn't give her the knock out and drag down the aisle treatment.

  15. Bulumko Lusu says:

    Wow. I agree with Ann Coulter. This has never happened before. I feel sick.

  16. David Grant says:

    Went on Delta's website and sure enough they offer the ability to select your seat… they even advertise the extra size and greater reclining by 50%. As most know, the woman is very tall and she is a consumer just like you and I. Don't care for her political agenda much, but Delta was wrong. As for the CBS news anchor, terrible case of obvious bias when a professional should be objective.

  17. David says:

    I hate coulter, but in this situation I am with her.

  18. tu lost says:

    Its about the principle. You people need to put yourself in her shoes. And this CBS guys is being stupid.

  19. Frazier says:

    She should have just rode her broom like all nasty witches.

  20. Kaye NineTwo says:

    CNBC and the rest of the news media is becoming more like TMZ with every passing day. Ann Coulter is their political enemy, so this story is NOT going to be about Ann Coulter or her dilemma, it's going to be about trashing Ann Coulter under the guise of "news." If they want to portray what their doing as pundit related (like Sean Hannity or Rachel Madow) fine. But they try to act like journalists. I'm 6'-3" and I've flown in cramped seats – including overseas. Poor legroom can have for extended periods can have bad consequences…ever heard of DVT?

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