Anna Soubry (Conservative) on election annoucement and Brexit, 19 Apr 2017

From Sky News
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8 Responses

  1. IThinkItsForYou says:

    Lol listen to her now after the result. Tories are a fucking clueless lot

  2. Gareth Gee says:

    It's so funny that Anna says the election was a great idea and the right thing to do, also that she's struggled to find a Labour voter in her own constituency.

    On election night she changed her tune, denouncing Teresa May and saying 'It's very bad'.

    Her majority in Broxtowe was cut to the bone this time, and we'll get rid of her next time. The whole borough was full of 'Vote Labour' signs like never before. Anna only appeared in public once, where she was obviously uncomfortable at having to listen to questions and comments from local people.

  3. alphabetaxenonzzzcat says:

    Blast! She won her seat. We still have this dismal excuse of an MP.

  4. AI S says:

    eh she barely won her seat ! talking crap

  5. wolfy3600 says:

    Fuck off Soubry, youre a fucking waste of space and an ugly hag to boot.

  6. Arabella S says:

    It's pitifully sad when a woman of over 60 clearly, with post menopausal issues together with alcohol abuse problems, as Miss Anna Soubry is allowed to go unchallenged. First, she incoherently rambles about her 84-year-old senile mother and two (bastard!) daughters 'weeping' as the remain voters lost. Then incorrectly telling a gaggle of uncouth demonstrators outside parliament, while clearly drunk, ‘that all immigrants are welcome’ THEY ARE MOST CERTAINLY NOT! Then, with the final deluded comment, they should report any perceived 'racism' to the police. When will this sad deranged alcoholic old women comprehend, it’s government's duty to protect our BRITISH elderly and vulnerable first and not hand out free education, health, welfare and housing to dubious and often illegal immigrants/asylum seekers (some are criminals and terrorists!) to the detriment of our own BRITISH people. Telephone Immigration Enforcement hotline 0300 123 7000 Anti-Terrorist hotline 0800 789321

  7. Peter Stevens says:

    This woman is so full of shit,get out and stay out,she says she one of the first to stick up for our prime minister, I don't know about that,just full of shit.

  8. Steve Roberts says:

    Pack your bags Anna. May should have a Spring clean and clear out the Remoaner MPs.

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