BILL COSBY | ex-Illuminati Confesses This Was All a Plot to Destroy Cosby over NBC Exposed

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BILL COSBY | ex-Illuminati Man Confesses This Was All a Hoax to Destroy Cosby over NBC
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8 Responses

  1. Kim Jackson says:

    I'm a woman and men are raping too many children and woman stop the cover up! He admitted it

  2. Kim Jackson says:

    Look at Lifetime he gave a statement of drugging and raping

  3. Kim Jackson says:

    Most black men are pedophiles and faggots!!!! Truth

  4. Santina Songbird says:

    👩💭Now is my chance to finally say what I believed FROM THE BEGINING,Bill Cosby has been innocent'❕ I think maybe few ppl believed this but I hope I'm wrong.

  5. Shakaama says:

    This video should have around 12,000 likes Can you people please like the video to support the channel?

  6. Deadly Duddly says:

    Ex – Illuminati LOL FFS

  7. livebyGodwords says:

    the thing is that we pay more attention to the people instead of the real thing behind the seen satan, lucifer. the devil can be more powerful when he's anonymous not known of.
    I'm exposing the instigator satan he is the mastermind behind it. don't be fooled by Hollywood,Hollywood is just the decoy

  8. Piper43078 says:

    i knew bill made the blanks mad when this sex stories started coming out. I was wondering what it was. I thought it was something like him coming out and supporint the republicans. but I knew something was up. I just recently found out about him trying to buy NBC.

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