Bishop Bullwinkel – Hell to the naw naw

New music from Bronshay
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  1. Reese DaGeek says:

    "When You Fuck A Girl And She Mentioned Another Niggas Name" .

  2. Brandon Spencer says:

    When u see someone who owes u money spending all of their check.

  3. Pretty Boy says:

    When the loud too strong and you feel you about to die.

  4. Eli Manning's Turnovers says:

    When you find out the girl you talking to is underage.

  5. CallMe Xtreecalo says:

    I'm done

  6. Nia Scott says:

    Khadi Don brought me here😂

  7. DrOp GameSlayer says:

    when you're the last person alive in Rainbow Six Siege

    or any last team standing game

  8. Rynier Lock says:


  9. Sanic - Minecraft PE,Star Wars and More says:

    If your son/daughter said can you help to do homework

  10. Ioannis Chatzikyriakidis says:

    when your team lose in the last minute ….

  11. Leonard Cohen says:

    My name Bishop Bullwinkle
    From the First Church of Nothing but the Truth
    Deacon Kyle, Deacon George, Deacon Clay
    Holding the door, let them in, turn them low
    First I want to thank god
    For the blood running warm in my veins (That's alright)
    Thank god for my life, health and strength
    I got a sound mind, I'm not insane (Come on, come on)
    I ain't gonna preach too long
    Ain't gonna take this service too far
    My sermon in the morning
    Hell to the naw naw naw (Come on, come on, come on)

    Hell naw, to the naw naw naw (Hell to the naw)
    Hell to the naw, to the naw naw naw (Listen)

    [Verse 2]
    Sister Ella, sister Ruth y'all ushering
    Make sure that everybody get a seat
    Sister Lilly may go in the kitchen
    Cause when it gets through I need to eat (Come on)
    Fix me collard greens and cornbread and rice
    Chicken breast, ox tails on the side (That's alright)
    Deacon Frank get my dark truck ready
    Cause when it gets through I need a ride
    Deacon Big Rob, count the money count the money
    Come back tell me what ya raise
    I got the people they looking for some blessing
    But now God got to get the praise (Woo)
    There's an old saying
    When the praise go up you get the blessing coming down (Yeah)
    I got some peoples in the church, huh
    And they still, they still they messing around


    [Verse 3]
    I got peoples in the church they hugging you
    They claim that they love you to death (They'll do that)
    But time they get home they on the telephone
    Talking about they can't stand your breath (Yeah)
    I got peoples in the church smoking weed, drinking whiskey
    Drinking vodka, lots of gin (What you say?)
    I got the preacher with the night prayer leading
    Talking about "Can I get a amen" (Talk to 'em)
    Every Sunday morning
    About a quarter about a half past ten (Come on)
    I got some fag, I got some bulldagger
    I got some hoes and dope baggers they coming in
    And now they're laying at the alter
    And they're confes-sing their sins, yeah (Come on Bishop)
    Time you see them Monday morning
    Doing the same thing again (Come on)


    [Verse 4]
    I got kids dropping out of school
    Talking about they don't want to learn, heh
    But they standing on the corner rolling blunts
    Talking about come on let's burn (They'll do that)
    I got kids walking up and down the street
    Pants hanging down by their knees (Look at 'em, look at 'em)
    Talking about that they're looking for a job
    When I see them I say "jitter bug please"
    See all they ever talk about brag about
    Who got the biggest and the baddest gun
    Time they see the copper with the bubble top
    They drop the Glock and want to run (Yeah)
    And now the sheriff got them locked up
    Got them sitting in the county jail (What now?)
    Heard the mama, she was crying all night
    Cause you can't get the money for the bail
    And now they're mad with the home boys
    Cause they didn't put no money in the commissary (Yeah, yeah)
    Be glad you're in the jail brother man
    Cause you were sure headed for the cemetery (That's a fact)
    There's an old saying
    That a hard head make a soft behind (Yeah, yeah)
    But since you did the crime go on and do the time
    Stop the baby crying

  12. The Chosen One Gaming says:

    When you're taking a shower and realize there's a mushroom growing in it.

  13. Awesomesauce 108 says:

    When you realise tomorrow is monday.

  14. GemSquashStudios says:

    When you have to get into groups but your friends are sick.

  15. The DGK says:

    When you're playing Overwatch and someone picks Widow

  16. TheKnightHood says:

    When Fox doesn't give Marvel give the rights

  17. Jacob Sanchez says:

    When you hear a Fuze charge firing into the wall of your room

  18. Henry Pierre says:

    When it's late at night and a hooked ad plays… and you can't skip

  19. Hydra Awa says:

    When a hacker joins your game

  20. Knife_Effects/goatman97 says:

    when you just lose an arm and 2 legs from the high ground

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