Chelsea FC vs Fulham 8 -2 | Highlights Extended PRE SEASON FRIENDLY (15.7.2017)

Chelsea FC vs Fulham 8 -2 | Highlights Extended PRE SEASON FRIENDLY (15.7.2017)

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19 Responses

  1. ANTONIO CONTE says:

    Click subscribe channel if you love chelsea FC <3 <3

  2. mahip mahanta says:

    Willian is one of the best underrated world class wingers ever.

  3. HENRY ADINO says:

    chelsea moto wa kuotea mbali

  4. Neptune ! says:


  5. Oski Rose says:

    That Fulham defense is trash!!!

  6. LAMAR Thomas says:

    why remey came black

  7. Ishom Faqih says:

    Kurang seru!!!
    Lawannya encer bgt.

  8. Petrucci Ibiza says:

    full game link?

  9. Lars V says:

    Batshuay's first touch is the opposite of Lukaku's shit.

  10. j b says:


  11. Mekzo Mekus says:

    anyone knows why were the jersey numbers turned around?

  12. Karim benzema says:

    они че все левой ногой били хотя они правшы

  13. ZER0 says:

    where was hazard

  14. Robert Goodright says:

    What's Loic Remy doing back,thought Chelsea off loaded him.

  15. MrTempakid1000 says:

    Are they playing in the etihad?

  16. Binh Phung says:

    i love F4

  17. Leon Davis says:

    big crowd

  18. Craig Lewis says:

    Why was everything back to front? Mind blown 😂

  19. michael salvestro says:

    You just copies a diff video u seen and inverted it lol

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