Children’s Party Food Ideas | Tesco Food

Kate Moore shares her top tips for food at your children’s party. From chocolate dipped fruit to cocktail sausages, these kid’s party food ideas will ensure their party is a hit. For lots of cooking with kids recipes, head to Tesco Real Food:
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20 Responses

  1. uglyducklingproject says:

    How are these sandwiches an 'idea'? Sorry but those are seriously the plainest and ugliest sandwiches I've ever seen.

  2. musa shahid says:


  3. Your Senpai says:

    I hated moms who were all about portion control, that's what made the worst parties, like, it's a birthday party, let them eat. and people will have more than you 'expected' so some don't get anything.

  4. hana ali says:

    after making those fruity do I have to put them in the fridge or over ?

  5. meet the youtubers says:

    what kind of starting look hi I'm Kate for a few simple tips like this not that look hi I'm Kate your name is whatever but where doing thid

  6. Cori The Cat says:

    Butter on ham sandwich? I've never seen that done. Cray!

  7. Bexs Hemmings says:

    "I'm going to show you how to make a ham sandwhich" Seriously -_-

  8. KidsPlanet says:

    Liked your vid:)

  9. Binga! says:

    realy nice idea. great video. i make some ideas for kids birthday partys with fruits on my channel

  10. arya kc says:

    I love ur hair I have a similar haircut but my is chin size

  11. Zoya Sadiq says:

    Okay wow

  12. Carol Ann Regier says:


  13. KiwiKelly says:

    Kids eat what they are used to eating in the home everyday, those who are on here saying kids wont eat that..either 1-dont have kids or 2-eat processed crap alot themselves and are fat, unhealthy or both. So their kids most likely are aswell.
    I have a well balanced diet so my kids have aswell. So yeah my kids would love to eat this because they arent exposed much to the sugary greasy rubbish you see most people eat today. Fresh is best!

  14. Tonya Carlisle says:

    mite as well not eat any thing

  15. Tubily forevaus says:

    have saved and will be using some of your ideas..thankyou for sharing

  16. Fres Sampang says:


  17. Dylan Melvin says:

    I bet your kids hate you.

  18. Josephine Garcia says:

    Love the accent

  19. Jenivieve Min Park says:

    sarap yan 

  20. Summer Minnie1 says:

    Thanks for the video got some great ideas now x x

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