Devin Hester – The Return Man – EVERY VIDEO TONS OF EXCLUSIVES
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20 Responses

  1. Walkingbomb 412 says:

    Ball carrier vision 99 elusiveness 99 speed 100

  2. Ruben Gutierrez says:

    What did Michael Irvin say? 'Some of the greatest that ever played football come from the University of Miami.'" he was right!

  3. Kyrin Brown says:

    Devin Hester

  4. Tristan Gardner says:

    There's 2 players that can maybe match up.. McCaffrey and Maleek Hill

  5. oboy inflrida says:

    I had the honor of meeting Devin Hester. An outstanding young man and very humble. Truly a fine person.

  6. john frandeka says:

    Great video bro

  7. R4G3 KN1GHT says:

    Joshua Cribbs

  8. William Smith says:

    never EVER kick to him EVER

  9. Eldar Moses says:

    G.O.A.T at kickoff and punt returns he scores in 12 or less seconds

  10. superstar hester says:

    yo my name is hester sadly im dutch

  11. SB 13 says:


  12. Charles Rodgers says:

    the best!! the most underrated player for years, hard to say but I grew up with deion and I had to finally admit devin is the man!

  13. um52 says:

    Greatest return man of all time. Never seen a player like him return punts and kicks with such ease and success.

  14. Jonathan De La hoz says:

    hall of fame.

  15. Emilio Pedraza says:

    greatest returner of all time he was so dangerous great days of football

  16. Gavin Brown says:

    And now hes in Seattle😭

  17. April Babies says:

    Have to say it: Block in the back? 1:45


    He would be an awesome mail man

  19. DakotaPlayz MCPE says:

    Bears fans will ALWAYS remember Devin

  20. Mike D Feger says:

    If kickers and punters can become HOF inductees, then ….. this man is 100% worthy of becoming a Hall of Famer. Thanks for the video.

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