Face The Nation 7/16/17 | CBS News Sunday July 16,2017

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.); Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.); attorney Jay Sekulow; author Jeffrey Kluger; political panel discussion with Jeffrey Goldberg, Ed O’Keefe, Susan Page and Ramesh Ponnuru.

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11 Responses

  1. Mai Yenish says:

    Ukraine + DNC + $420,000 + Clinton + Podesta = collusion to find dirt on Trump

  2. Sinister Veridicus says:

    The last segment of this show was fantastic. It showed what the Federal Gov't overcame to accomplish putting men in space and on to the moon. Of course as stated by John Dickerson, today this would be impossible. And it would be because republicans controlled by conservatives continue to dismantle the Federal Gov't and weaken it. It was not capitalism alone that accomplished putting a man on the moon, it was gov't direction and a dash of socialism alongside capitalism that did it. And that is what has made America great and hopefully when we come to our senses in the near future, will continue to do so going forward past today's republican party.

  3. donbsea says:

    Jay Sekulow, (one of the many, many lawyers Trump has hired)…what a waste of skin.

  4. Far North Weaver says:

    Face The Nation… as usual, going beyond where no station has gone before, and where no station ever will… it's called… The Truth. Brought to you by the A-holes the World over. Wouldn't that be a Great commercial for all you teletubbies out there….lol It's all BS folks, and will ever be until my Lord and King in Jesus Christ returns! Alleluia!!! Are you ready? You had better be!!!

  5. Phil O'Neill says:

    I hope Senator McCain gets better soon. I wonder what kind of health insurance Senator McCain has. I figure that he has amazing total coverage through his work from the federal government. I wonder why he opposes health care coverage for ordinary people in the US. I have always lived in places with single payer, so I can't imagine going to the hospital, or to see a doctor, and it wouldn't be covered.

  6. jose rodriguez says:

    This so call fake news, has a lot reality in it! Why do you think, there trying so hard to get rid of it? So you don't know the truth! Because you can't handle the truth!!

  7. jose rodriguez says:

    These are the same Machiavellians that want to take away the food
    stamps, and healthcare from the poor. because they have money and HC!

  8. GoodKing Bad says:

    Mr Fake News is going to end up in a very real prison.

  9. MadMikeandhisHat says:

    I really like Rand Paul's idea regarding the formation of insurance groups to better protect against discriminatory pricing as a result of a preexisting condition.

  10. Joe Tolley says:

    Mark looks fucked up?LMAO

  11. Jan96106 says:

    Republican Chairman of the House OVERSIGHT and Reform Committee? An appropriate title given what Gowdy said at the beginning of this video. (Oversight has an unintended and more appropriate meaning than the one intended.)

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